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I Played Call of Duty Ghosts in 2022 (9 YEARS LATER)

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I Played Call of Duty Ghosts in 2022 (9 YEARS LATER)

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  1. Ok after finishing the video I have a proposal for you or a suggestion that you play other game with melee ability’s so you can hope off Warzone because let’s be honest the Dev’s have been putting out some trash and you play like Dying Light because the second one is coming also it’s kinda a melee based game and you can use that as you segway to other games that aren’t COD but I like what you’re doing this is just a suggestion if ya see this thanks for the good content for many years.? Stay safe, keep well

  2. The only reason I loved this game was the campaign and little bit of the extinction mode too but mainly the campaign and i heavily believe that it needs a second game to finally put an to the Cliff hanger the campaign was left at end and I don't mind if it's just the campaign ngl

  3. That Regnar4321 dude was saying something like: "I hit him first!" "Fuck you, you knife abusing whore!". And other slurs but that is not that interesting. He was czech BTW, I'm too so this was hilarious AF.

  4. This shows how spoiled we were with cod with this being considered bad I had way more hours and fun on this than vanguard

  5. This just goes to show how out of tune Activision is with its community, this shows that the fans would love an ultimate Call of Duty type of game. Honestly, we've recently started playing Call of Duty Mobile and it was fun but also addicting. The fact that it was a Call of Duty with maps and weapons from across all Call of Duty's, I honestly think its the way they should go especially since they're so negligent towards Multi-Player now in favour of Warzone, thank goodness we have SM2 on the way and we're very excited for that.

  6. This game was my breaking point I’m a dog lover and I even wanted this dog to bite the dust. This is the one that break my love for this franchise.

  7. i still remember playing gun game and we had the tactical knife starter and i ended up getting 71 kills (setbacks) on people and my friend had like 50 people were mad at first but some started to join us that game was so long lmao

  8. Idk if they ever fixed it but there used to be a way to run knife and when you got the kill you could croch and it would break the stabing animation so you could move immidently

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