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If You're Looking Forward To Dying Light 2

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If you’re hyped for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Critical, Sarcastic, Informative! If you’re looking for tips for Doom Eternal’s Competitve battlemode, information on Dying Light’s Lore, or an update on Gaming news in general look no further. I cover a range of topics but they all boil down to whats going on in the world of Triple A Video games. Upload Schedule right now is every week Mon-Wed with occasional extra uploads on Thursdays and Fridays.

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  1. Leaks are good. It helps people in regards to their purchase decision. You want to know the quality of the product before buying it…

    If only there were big leaks for Cyberpunk 2077. Would have saved money.

  2. Im so excited for this game the only thing in my opinion is its a little to contrasted colors look a little to bright but ive waited so long i can't wait

  3. I wasnt a huge fan of the first one, not a bad game, just some mechanics in it that I thought were stupid af. Im really looking forward to the new one even though some of those mechanics are there still haha.

  4. I’m excited about this game mostly because it’s combat because I have way more fun with games where your skills with combat actually Evolve and get better and better with better weapons better skills and Learning how to utilise those skills in different and better ways.

  5. Having tough money times..but am going to grind some doordash orders to get the $60 for this game..got dying light when it came out and has such a special place in my heart. Been so hyped for so long for this and it's finally here. Can't believe it. Will do anything to get it..STAY HUMAN YALL!

  6. Dude. Like. I first played Dying Light on my Uncles Original Xbox One and Ive played it religiously for years. Replayed it at least once a year. Rebought multiple times on consoles and got it on PC even though I dont have a PC. Dying Light is my favorite zombie game just passing L4D2. I would 100% play with you on stream (I will join the Discord regardless) but I want to experence this 100% on my own first.

  7. I just really hope the zombies are less grabby in this game. I just replayed the 1st game after a couple years away from it and the amount of times i get grabbed by the zombies was just insanely annoying, and made me wish i hadn't replayed it cause it soured my memories of how much i loved it.

  8. i watched the ending to RDR2 before i started playing it its one of the most things i regret in life that game everytime i do a playthrough makes me tear up its one of if not most amazing games of all time

  9. Can wait to play dying light got 2 days to wait too play it on PS5 and iv bean waiting for dying light 2 for years the first dying light was a true Masterpiece and a legend game Kyle crane will Always be a legend too and will be missed by everyone but Dying light 2 is going into a new Direction now and it just looks so Amazing and really well done by Techland well done Techland u are the best

  10. I am still hyped to beat the crap out zombies using my fists like the first game. I wish more animations for the punching and takedowns.

  11. Except a lot of the city is covered and the stuff that makes it so you cannot access that area and it’s like gas so the map isn’t as big as they are saying it is technically

  12. over 160,000 people already watched the Full part 1 walkthrough of DL2 which is about 2 hours on a leaked YouTube channel. I think most people will lose the first time playing it. RIP.

  13. I actually have been staying away from alot of dying light stuff lately because I wanna go in to it not knowing everything.

  14. I wish we had those memory eraser things from men in black so I could replay this for the first time over and over

  15. I got platinum for DL1 a few days ago cus im so excited for DL2, i’ve seen all your videos on it and others too. It’s a goddamn dream come true, i love everything i’ve seen so far and don’t have any complaints. Do you think everyone will play as Aiden in co-op like everyone in DL1 co-op played as Crane, or do you think we will play as different characters? Love your vids, hope you’re gonna post more vids a day at some point????????

  16. Yup. This is why I avoid story leaks and spoilers. Only things I look at are just mechanics leaks, or graphic upgrades, stuff like that. If the game needs to surprise me, I'll let it, I love letting myself be surprised.

  17. The only thing about this game I'll miss is the guns those came in handy during intense moments, but literally everything I've seen I love it, I actually played through the first one 8 times through each with a different friend over the past like 5.8 years lol loved this game so much so if the second one is any like it oh its gonna be my top game on steam.

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