Level 300 Vampire Lord vs The Ebony Warrior | Skyrim (PS5)

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Fighting the ebony warrior as a level 300 vampire lord on legendary difficulty. Didn’t know if it would actually be possible or not.


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  1. Gotta use a DPS potion and use ebony flesh, dragon hide and dragon aspect then go Lord mode. I can make a destruction potion that adds 128 percent dmg buff. Playing without mods cause update broke my mods so playing her straight till and if it gets fixed. Sucks though cause magic doesn't scale with level so unless your poppin potions every fight destruction magic is useless on Ledgedary compared to bow and sword being you can put damage boost enchantments on for those weapons but nothing but lotions for magic!☹️

  2. Fast healing is his biggest strength.
    Ebony warrior is extremely vulnerable to Fire spells ‼️
    I used "Ignite" spell on him and he fought like a sissy and died.
    I have slayed him twice by beheading him above level 100 ? ofcourse.

  3. They should make an npc of ur character but based on an Ai control combat like the EW or the forsworn briarheart or ralis Ai or the frea without the fleshspell

  4. anyone else able to one hit these fella using the immersive weapons mod? Literally bought a dragon guard katana and upgraded it to legendary and it takes three hits to kill the guy on lvl 50.

  5. So you are not gonna give Simon grillo the actual creator of this content atleast an promotion or link to the channel or at least mention who this content is from?

  6. I think it can only be done if you were an orc and had Berserker Rage + Dragon Aspect on while attacking him as a melee Vampire Lord.

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