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Michael Does Life Gets Trolled On Dying Light 2 Stream EVEN MORE!

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Michael Does Life is back at it again with the Dying Light 2 Streams.

More people came in again like yesterdays stream to troll him and get him frustrated.

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  1. "If Mackle ain't happy,ain't nobody happy"
    I was disappointed that Michael didn't get that Gazi reference

  2. it's funny when michael does life doesn't even know that there's two modes that are 30fps only on the ps5 when it comes to quality and resolution mode and tries to make it sound bad lol.

  3. Thanks for making another video. How do I watch Micheal does life's streams? Because I can't seem to find them

  4. Once dying light 2 comes out and everyone sees it's great no one's gonna watch him anymore because his points will be gone and he'll just be a hater who's life is miserable

  5. The reality is you should rename yourself to "Donald Grump"…Dying Light 2 is gonna be great and hopefully mommy won't kick you outside to play the game like she does for your negative streams… see you on Dying Light !!

  6. Michael Does Life is 100 parallel universes ahead of the fools who think he's serious ?
    All it takes is to look at all the games he's said are the "worst ever"
    TLOU 1 and 2
    Ghost of Tsushima
    God of War
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Spiderman PS4
    And the thing is he makes multiple videos about each of them when they are trending near release.
    Then low IQ troglodytes who think that being in the minority that hates something makes them more intelligent then take the bait HARRRD.

  7. If I hear him say loser one more time. I am gonna have a brain aneurysm. Also one of the trolls needs to play copyrighted music so the stream gets taken down.

  8. Whilst the graphics wasn't the best from what we have seen for PS4 and other old gens, they are quite decent for the old gens. So you know, as long as they keep the promises as the things we can do, I'll be playing the game on PS4. As I know Dying Light 2 is mainly for PS5 and new gens and great pcs… so they have to put the graphics lower and so don't make it look as good.

    You're saying that you're not looking for the next Cyberpunk, but you are, the game isn't even out and yet you're thinking it'll be like Cyberpunk. Sure, it's possible, but until the game is out and we can see it fully, you shouldn't really say it'll be like Cyberpunk without proof.

    Finally, if he doesn't want to be trolled, he shouldn't act like an idiot as you do.

  9. I love how he keeps putting up with the trolls because he makes more money from it than actually having real conversations

  10. Its Nice to see him get trolled lmao

    Not when people call in to say racial slurs and stuff, but appart from It, its really funny!

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