Microsoft Flight Simulator – Australia World Update Trailer

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Available now – the stunning wonders of Australia are brought to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Soar over the renowned Great Barrier Reef, visit the vast regions of Western Australia, and marvel at the natural beauty of Mount Wellington. From the dusty red outback to shimmering coastlines and sugar white sand beaches, explore the country’s most spectacular sights with Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update VII: Australia.

A country known for being as diverse as it is beautiful, this great Southern land presents a bucket list of jaw-dropping natural formations and modern man-made wonders – now enhanced with exceptional graphic improvements, new discovery flights, fresh landing challenges, and bush trips that showcase this beautiful region of our planet.

This update is free to all Microsoft Flight Simulator players.

Available now on Xbox Series X|S and PC with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Windows:


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  1. Hold on, an Australia update without the flinders rangers?
    Absolutely stunning though, thanks for the hard work!

  2. Awaiting the ‘Australia doesn’t exist’ comment. Wait was I the first? But I just watched YBS youngbloods, it’s gotta be real! Gonna go island hopping in an amphibious up in the northwest to see their grounds 🙂

  3. Gutted it's only Australia and not Aus & New Zealand. I doubt NZ will get it's own sim update so there goes my hope of actually having some good landmarks and cities in NZ.

  4. I’ve clocked in more flying hours in this game (18+ days or 400 hours+) than any other Xbox/ps games combined.

    Nothing else comes close.

  5. My whole life as an Australian i've felt with our small population that we would never see Australia in games that would be detailed or resembling anything lifelike. This has finally blown my mind. I'm so excited to fly around my city of Melbourne and many other places and be blown away.

    I'm in shock for how incredible this looks. Childhood me would be incredibly jealous I get to go home and play this!

  6. Very impressed with the WA additions, I was setting up expectations to be disappointed but this looks great!

  7. Nice now I can see all the vast dusty emptiness of Australia with accurate topographic data, thank you Asobo!
    May I suggest for the next world update we get another pass at the US while we are at it. Cheers.

  8. Nunca será como volar en Pc pero aún así estoy muy contento con mi MFS en Xbox serie S. Gracias Microsoft y Asobo.

  9. South America needs update.
    Wish fur three Guyanas had better data.
    Looking forward to world update Canada as well.

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