Minecraft Bedrock BETA PREVIEW APP Coming to iOS, PS4, & Switch!

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There is a new Minecraft Bedrock beta preview app that is releasing on iOS, Xbox One, Series X|S, Windows 10, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.
The Minecraft Preview App and is a way for you to play with experimental Minecraft beta features.



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■Join iOS Beta:
■More Information:

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■Minecraft 1.19 Update:
■Minecraft Tutorials:
■Bedrock Addons:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:24 – What Is Minecraft Preview?
00:02:40 – What Platforms is Minecraft Preview on?
00:03:06 – Minecraft Preview Coming to More Platforms
00:03:12 – Is Minecraft Beta still Available
00:03:42 – Moving From Beta to Preview?
00:03:54 – How To Join MCPE iOS Beta
00:04:14 – Joining Xbox & Windows Beta
00:04:31 – Coming To Xbox Game Pass & Launcher
00:04:46 – Why They’re Replacing Minecraft Beta?
00:04:50 – Importing Worlds to Minecraft Preview App?
00:04:46 – Why They’re Replacing Minecraft Beta?
00:04:50 – Can Worlds Be Imported To Minecraft Preview?
00:04:55 – Features NOT In Minecraft Preview?
00:05:28 – This Great For Minecraft Bedrock
00:05:40 – When Is Minecraft Preview App Releasing
00:07:11 – Conclusion


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  1. On playstation there is no beta thing so maybe it will be like a game addon that adds a button to switch to minecraft preview just like how we can switch back to console edition.

  2. If this comes to switch as a switch player I'm wondering how this works on switch since there's nothing for betas or anything like this on switch

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