PlayStation bought Bungie (& not because of Xbox/ActiBlizz)

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Going over some extra context I feel like people are missing from the Sony acquiring Bungie news! Note that I am not saying any of this with any insider knowledge, nor as any kind of Sony representative.
Here are the articles I went over:
PlayStation blog:

Twitch VOD channel:



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  1. Interesting side note. Halo was first shown running on a Mac before Microsoft bought up Bungie to have a platform exclusive for their Xbox.

  2. Because Bungie are still going to be a independent company. Outside of technology, I feel that because that Sony is at the early phase of PlayStation Productions. By buying Bungie there's a chance of more context "Whatever you make. We're the one who own the rights to make it into a show or movie". There's Uncharted, Last of Us, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima AND Spider-Man (Til Spider-Man is in the MCU that's not happening). Sounds A LOT but in the long road. that's small. Bungie adds more to that list.

  3. ahh yes the acquisition of a 3.6 billion dollar studio is retaliation for the acquisition of a 67 billion dollar publisher.

  4. This doesn’t even feel like an acquisition. It’s more like a $3.8 Billion “Partnership” it just doesn’t make sense. They could’ve used that money to actually acquire a great studio and still partner with Bungie for a couple of millions since the only thing they are getting out of Bungie is information on how to create a live service game. It just feels like Sony bought a company but it’s not really theirs. ?

  5. If this is true that means Sony had a deal to buy bungie and still lost 20 billion just by Xbox announcing they was buying activison ?????

  6. I'm getting sick of hearing this – less independent publishers/devs means less competition and probably less creativity. Yes they claim to remain independent but that only happens while they keep making money. Pretty sure EA said the something on each of their "acquisitions"

  7. Well done Bungie and Sony

    2022 has certainly been interesting so far lol

    Who's going to buy TakeTwo and Square Enix in February lol

  8. Well close but not PlayStation and Halo was very different. Halo was originally going to be a Apple RTS. But became a FPS when Microsoft bought them.

  9. I get the fact that they want the technology as well as all the money multiplatform games make.
    But still it feels strange that a Sony owned entity has no interest in making Playstation exclusive games. If every acquisition from here on works like that Sony would feel more like a Publisher than a Console manufacturer.

  10. Deals like this take time, and it could have been months before Microsoft came up with their acquisition of A/B. I know Bungie left the Halo franchise because they wanted to do their own thing, and would not do something like this lightly.

  11. Perhaps but the terms were because of it. No way would Bungie get away with staying multiplatform if Activision wasn't purchased.
    No one can convince me otherwise because its bonkers and 100% NOT a Sony move and you're kidding yourself if you think otherwise

  12. My biggest fear as a diehard resident evil fan is Sony buying Capcom ?….
    Currently on a 5 day Hades bing, the most addictive game I have ever played. My sleep schedule has been ruined

  13. Seems like this will only affect the two companies, but for consumers it will be business as usual (as if sony never bought them)

  14. A prediction for the year 2030.
    Nintendo buys Sony and Microsoft. Then makes a new console "The Nintendo Playstation series X"

  15. when bungie said they want to support players on whatever platform they choose and no future ip will be playstation exclusive, I was like "god damn! what kind of deal did bunjie get?"

  16. Alanah definitely made this entire video just so she could publicly say "welcome to playstation!", And I don't blame her. Must be so awesome to work for them.

  17. I was seeing the fanboys arguing over who will own what. It's sad that people worship corporations and believe in less competition within the gaming industry.

    This acquisition is more like the Mojang one.
    I try to avoid playstation and xbox fanboys because they are both annoying bunch of cultist people.

  18. Destiny has great gameplay but think the monetization makes it unplayable. Bungie is to me is the opposite of a good company to buy to get "live service", they do have experience and a decent amount of experience but surely if thats what your after you could have gotten it a lot cheaper or lot better elsewere.

  19. It feels like Sony has a stronger foot in the vertical integration of the industry but I might be wrong about that. Sony bought Wwise and also own Blu-Ray so that helps them a fair bit in their revenue. Whereas Microsoft tends to go more horizontal integration with their purchasing of other developers/publishers.

    Is that an accurate assessment or have I gone absolutely bananas in recent years?

  20. I definitely agree Sony is investing in a company that knows multiplayer games to help with IPs that are already in the works and to also prepare for life without COD

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