PlayStation Buys Bungie But It's Not What Fans Expected | Xbox Game Pass Gets Huge Game | News Dose

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0:00 Intro

1:00 Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Reveal

3:21 Pokemon Legends Arceus Fast Start

5:42 PlayStation Buys Bungie

11:24 MLB The Show 22 Coming to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch

13:35 Poll of the Day


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  1. This video talks about this as a massive acquisition. That is so laughable. If Sony bought Minecraft, that would turn heads. This is, ah, I'm already bored about this story.

  2. This actually helps Xbox's deal for Activision/Blizzard because how can it be a monopoly when Sony was ahead of them before the deal and now they purchased Bungie.

  3. They Bought Bungie in order to get a better AAA game review from digital foundry you know Bungie going to tone it down a little on xbox ?

  4. There is no sugar coating that PS buying bangi studio is in not response to xbox buying Activision .
    So you say it will take PS 5 months..
    So does Xbox will take even more then 5 months . So obviously this is a response to xbox by sony .

  5. Funny thing is I have already seen people trying to argue that this is bigger than the Activision blizzard acquisition

  6. Sony's Bungie acquisition is similar to Microsoft's Mojang acquisition. Idk why they payed so much for Bungie tho, kinda overpaid. Bethesda was 2 times the amount and has more IP's, and are going exclusive. Can't really compare the ActiBliz acquisition with the Bungie acquisition. On the other hand I think it's a great acquisition for Sony and Bungie.

  7. I love the switch but I imagine MLB The Show will run horribly on it. Flashbacks to Fifa and WWE on switch. Urgghh

  8. This is going to show if Sony is going to play nice or not.
    This is Sony's bargaining chip to keep cod on the Playstation

  9. it's ironic that microsoft bought the owners of spyro and crash ps's former mascots and sony bought bungie who were the former devs of halo microsoft's mascot

  10. Destiny is Playstations Minecraft.. so nothing new in the industry let's talk again when they release a real Sony Studio game on every platform!

  11. Sony playing nice, trying to get call of duty, but sony I guess didn't get a choice about exclusive games. Guess will have to wait and see

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