Playstation BUYS Bungie | Xbox is NOT Done | New AAA IPs & New Studio Partnership Xbox News Cast 38

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Join Special Guests @Stallion83 and @MLDGhost to discuss the recent Acquisition of Bungie by Sony Playstation and New Games coming to Xbox
for XNC Podcast Episode 38

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0:00:00 Intro
0:05:00 MLB 2022 Game Pass
0:08:00 State of Play GT Forza Trending
0:16:00 Playstation Buys BUNGIE 3.6b
1:21:00 Games with Gold Gone?
1:32:00 Halo TV Show
1:48:00 Acquisitions & Exclusives
2:10:00 Outro

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  1. Oh shit! It's on! My Brothers! Love the competition! It's going to be the greatest gen for us all! Love the show Colt.

  2. I think Bungy demanded more, and they wanted to be I dependent on what to make and there to make the games for!! And probably Xbox didn't want that or wanted to buy a different studio!! And maybe Sony jump the gun to buy them and give them freedom on what do to!! They probably made the move after the Activision deal!!

  3. The one thing that boggles my mind about the Bungie acquisition is … Why? After reading about it. It makes 0 sense for Sony outside of just cashing in on Destiny.

    I say this because Sony announced Bungie as being 100% independent. They can publish their own games still. And WILL REMAIN MULTIPLATFORM as was part of the agreement for the deal. Which means Sony went to them and inquired about being up for sale. And Bungie responded with, "Only if you stay out of our business and mind your own".

    The only thing that changes for Sony is they now own Bungies proprietary game engine and said they will share it with their other studios.

    So did they buy Bungie just to get an FPS engine because they realized Microsoft owns all of the major FPS games and studios? I see no benefit for the Sony brand outside of the game engine.

  4. I believe Bungy demanded more, and they wanted to be less reliant on what to make and where to make the games!! And I believe Xbox didn't want that, or wanted to buy a different studio!! And I believe Sony jumped the gun and bought them and gave them more freedom!! They most likely did so after the Activision deal!!

  5. Had idiots try use the organic growth argument. It isn't a clever argument, MS has the cash so they bought studios. Buy outs happen all the time in all industries.

  6. Sony obviously playing chess so with them buying Bungie I believe they will use Destiny as a bargaining chip for Microsoft to keep Cod on their platform and also getting Bungie to create more exclusives for Playstation!

  7. Interesting comparison is Bungie has roughly 900 employees vs Activision-Blizzard +9K employees, bungie has 1-3 IP if you count projects in development vs Activision-Blizzard's treasure trove. A huge possible factor for why they were ok paying more is the pressure for Sony to continue growing and strengthening partnerships to compete.

    I personally am also very excited to see what Sony's TV and film can do with all its IP, including Destiny and in the development Matter.

    Great show Colt, Stallion and MLD! Enjoy your gaming!

  8. I'm all for sony buying studios and what not, but bungie? I feel they could've did way better and for cheaper

  9. on the topic of gamepass having to have consistent content to keep a subscription, I'm planning on canceling my subscription until maybe November once dyling light, elden ring and the final fantasy orgins game come out. I'll probably be playing those games for months so I don't see the point of having gamepass unless they dish out new games that I want to play.

  10. Now Sony gets to deal with the myriad of Destiny hacks.

    Note: Multiplatform doesn't necessarily mean Xbox. Sony could restrict the new Bungie IP to Playstation and PC and still be truthful in saying they're "multi-plat."

  11. Could become interesting. Maybe Xbox could buy 1 or a mix of Capcom, Sega, NetherRealm or Konami as that would bring a varied set of gaming to Xbox.

  12. Xbox strategy with different content with games is the right thing and can not whait till over top single payer games come out

  13. Sup colteastwood,
    Hey everyone I wanna throw this out a game that is a Destiny killer…. Warframe!! It's a free to play and leaves Destiny in the dust, my opinion. My point is Sony purchasing Bungie I don't feel is that big a deal to Xbox. Definitely a good move for Sony…..but ummm..idk

  14. Death to the talking points!!!☠?
    –>Sony does organic growth, Sony doesn't need to buy their way?
    –>Sony will never do a gamepass clone, they don't need to?
    –>we believe in generations ?
    –> Xbox has no games ?
    –>Playstation will never bring games to PC they don't need to ?
    –> Xbox has to bring Bethesda games to Playstation, they need them?
    –> Xbox has no quality studios ?
    –>Unreal 5 can't run on xbox, that Ssd tho! ?

  15. There will be a big push with COD day and date in game pass and probably limited edition console, controller etc

  16. People failed to understand – the fact that some people never played or don't like Destiny it doesn't matter – it became a high seller without your support – it's like COD – it has been number seller without those people who don't play it… so comments about not playing a game is null and void because it was still successful without your money…

  17. What's looming over all this is augmented reality glasses replacing smartphones combined with cloud computing now imagine all the things you could do in augmented reality glasses for gaming and casual use it would certainly help if you had a bunch of nice popular properties to provide the people with wouldn't it. Imagine making your room look like a Halo room or make your body looks like a World of Warcraft character overlay when people look at you with their augmented reality glasses etc

  18. 4 billion for bungie vs 8 for Bethesda,zenemax. Makes it look like MS got the deal of the millennium or Sony got boned hard.

  19. How does the producers of the games make money. When you're saling the game for free. You can't keep giving games away and they not making money.

  20. Bungie makes 1 game I don’t even care about. Not only that they are still independent and multiplat. So this deal didn’t even pinch me or any Xbox owner. All of the Halo developers from Bungie of note work at 343 industries including the creator/writer Joseph Staten. Sony paid 3.6 billion for Xbox’s old [email protected] after plastic surgery and doesn’t look the same. ???

  21. I loved Destiny 1. I put so many hours into it. They then went backward with Destiny 2 and I just haven’t been back.

  22. Sony buying bungie sounds of desperation even if started six months ago, cod been Sony's biggest my Ney spinner, Sony don't have Microsoft's money to buy big but they have bought about the same number of studios as the Activision blizzard set up,.see Xbox buying again now to stop sony

  23. Bungie is nothing but regurgitation of the same content each season now, sunseting weapons just to be given back in later season. Destiny 1 was way better and when they went to d2 it felt like they took 3 steps back. Sony can have destiny if you as most xbox owner..??

  24. Destiny only have a player base off at least 60,000 that's nothing compared to all the games that's in the millions

  25. Colt you should look into how Bungie's next game, Project Matter, is going to be published by NetEase, another Chinese Game Company kinda as big as Tencent

    It's very possible NetEase will have Project Matter be multiplatform when it comes out in future

  26. Great show, Colt. Great panel too. Personally, I'm not bothered as I'm not interested in Destiny, though if Bungie / Sony continue to release games on Xbox, does the acquisition even really effect the gamer?

  27. Destiny 1 was a MASSIVE failure, promised so much delivered so little.
    If Sony and Bungie made Destiny exclusive it would have 0 impact.

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