Save Hard Disk Drive space on your Jailbroken PS4 with PkgRipper!

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GitHub – enriquesomolinos/pkgRipper: Removes content from PS4 pkg files

GitHub – CyB1K/PS4-Fake-PKG-Tools-3.87: Patched 3.87 Tools

pkgripper-patches/UP3971-CUSA23079_00-HONKHONKHONKHONK.xml at master · enriquesomolinos/pkgripper-patches · GitHub

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0:00 Intro
0:08 What is PkgRipper?
1:38 Download the files
2:06 Download Fake Package Tools
2:24 Looking at a patch
3:04 Exploring Untitled Goose Game Patch
4:05 See it in Action
5:26 Apply the Base PKG file
8:07 Testing with a “Backported PKG”
9:05 Back to PKGRipper with a “backport base pkg”
11:10 Original PKG Files (no pkgRipper)
13:06 Attempting install of game with PKGRipper (not the backport)
14:54 PkgRipper with backport base (FAIL)
16:05 BONUS: Create your own patches
17:30 Outro

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  1. This is great news Sir. So does this work with huge space fake ps4 pkg files? Will the game actually work by chance? ?

  2. Hey MC, Could you please do a video on how to retrieve missing games and apps that have been installed but are still missing in the XMB? I have this issue and although a couple of other YouTubers have done videos (ES and MW) they haven't updated the info in saying whether or not once the builder has been used and an app or game opened and closed that ALL of the installed apps/games CANNOT be deleted from that point on… I've struggled to find info on the net about this and only older versions with it and persisting non delete issue.
    Brettus OUT! lol

  3. I can cut the file size of a fpkg e.g cp2077 under 60 gigabytes to put on my 64 gb usb,and then install it…

  4. Wish I knew this BEFORE installing 3 TB (1 internal, 2 external)

    What format are the games installed in your drive?

    Still in PKG? Or extracted as a folder?

    Meaning you could do this process manually? I'm not interested in learning Polish atm.

    Could you find out how to explore installed games and how to remove language packages?

    And more important… Will the game still run?

  5. This could be a game changer if one can cut out the unnecessary Online only content from huge updates for games like GTA V and Call Of Duty!

  6. The thing is: when a PS4 game is released to the jailbreak scene, there is a whole team of people testing it out pre-release, and thousand more playing it post-release. There is nothing worse than realizing the game you ripped content from crashes later on in the middle of the game. By that time, you probably archived the pkgripper version of the game and discarded the original release.

    After my first few successful attempts on smaller games, I did a batch of 10 on my biggest games. Most of them wouldn't boot proper or would crash later on. Unless you find the proper patch, poking around the game file system to save data storage is gonna consume lots of time.

    I just wouldnt recommend doing it unless you have lots of time in your hand and a tiny hdd on your PC or PS4.

  7. When we will get these pre build ready to use all ps4 modified games with pkg ripper to download and play ?

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