SONY PlayStation Buy Bungie & XBOX RESPONDS ? – Activision CANCELS Call of Duty Call (PS5 & Xbox)

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Sony PlayStation Buy Bungie & XBOX RESPONDS – Activision CANCELS Call of Duty Investor Call.
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So PlayStation and Sony buy Bungie and announced that they will be buying more. Rumor suggests next would be EA, Ubisoft or Take Two. I made a video on it yesterday.

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  1. I will be streaming tomorrow and after tomorrow for all these events so hit the Subscribe Bell ?

    Let me know your thoughts by the end!

  2. Respect to Sony for not making Bungie exclusive. That’s what I want this industry to be. Herman Hulst is right, EXCITING times to be a gamer.

  3. Mannnnnnn stuff was literally so quiet for months, then out of the blue Microsoft and sony are having a slap contest while Nintendo is just watching from a distance

  4. So….. I mean, yall fight away, yall go ahead and throw molotovs at each other while me on pc just…. Wait.
    Does this mean pc is not going to have more games to play anymore? Obviously these game system companies are buying game developing companies so they can make the games exclusive to their platform, I don't see any other benefit out of that, even though I really think that's not a benefit, it will just keep dividing and weakening player count and purchase numbers. Why this now? We just won the battle of cross platform, don't do this now lol

  5. No that doesn't put Microsoft in a bad position to put Call of Duty on Playstation because you know Xbox has Minecraft Grand and I don't have Minecraft but Minecraft is multi-platform

  6. Should Call of Duty stay multi-platform yes it should but it definitely does not put Microsoft in the bed position

  7. This is very strange . Bungie said all there current and future games will be on Xbox so what's the point. Maybe they just want Bungie to teach them how to make multi-player games .but 3.6 billion is alot to pay for a teacher

  8. These companies can buy each other all they want, it's just when they make games exclusives i start having a problem with it.

  9. There is no value in Sony buying EA, they buy talent. There’s also talk about FIFA pulling out of EA for the bad press they’ve been getting

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