Sony PlayStation BUYS Bungie After Xbox Buys Activision Blizzard | Xbox & PS5 News

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 just got a massive new developers in Bungie for $3.6 Billion. This comes after Xbox bought Activision Blizzard in the biggest gaming buyout in history.

We all know the Xbox Series X | S will have some of the biggest exclusive games in the industry. Yet we now see the PS5 might get Destiny 2 to be exclusive.

It’s looking like Microsoft and Sony will continue to fight for every single studio that’s out in the market. Could we see the PlayStation platform turn into a multi platform publisher? Or is this going to mean more exclusive PS5 games?

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  1. Are you surprised that Sony's PlayStation bought Bungie? What does this mean after Xbox bought Activision Blizzard?

  2. I hope everyone reads this because it's important:

    Bungie will be run as "an independent subsidiary" of SIE, and will remain a MULITPLATFORM studio with the option to "self-publish and reach players where they choose to play." So they still plan on being on other platforms meaning they won't be locked down to Sony consoles. Like before they are STILL "Independent" and can make all decisions on their own. Like with Microsoft they don't want to be locked down.

  3. Sony is going to wait to see what Microsoft does. If they make COD exclusive, then you won’t see a Bungie game on Xbox. However, if COD is multiplat, then you will probably see Bungie games on Xbox. It’s all just wordplay.

  4. This purchase has very interesting intrigue with it. Bungie's history with Halo certainly makes this intresting but it makes more sense as a response to COD becoming an XBOX exclusive. Sony now has a big ticket fps ip guaranteed to be on their platform. But the real intrest is how much power sony gave up to aquire bungie. Basically, if bungie messes up an IP, sony has little to no say about it which is a massive shift from sony's heavily controlled IP history with other studios and a massive financial risk for sony.

  5. Feel like Sony did this in spite of Microsoft’s/Xbox latest purchase. This is not close at all when you compare even the Bethesda purchase.

  6. How is this a massive buy out bro? If this is "massive" then what was the Activision acquisition? Sony only grows "organically" lol yep

  7. I dont think a destiny 3 nor a re-branded destiny will be multiplat at all . We r talking about Sony here , their biggest proud r their exclusives and nothing else?‍♂️

  8. I'm seeing the same kind of "legalese" in this statement as when Microsoft bought Activision/Blizzard. To me, saying "remain multi-platform" is just as vague as "honor current commitments." What is even less clear is how INDEPENDANT Bungie will be. Does that mean it's up to them what platforms their games will play on, or, as I am thinking, they'll have most, if not ALL say as to the games they will develop.

    Just as with Microsoft's purchase, it doesn't make business sense for Sony to spend over $3 billion and then make games that work on non-Sony devices – PC perhaps, but that's it.

  9. I can see why Sony bought Bungie because of the lack of FPS knowledge & dev teams that specialize that area. But I believe(just my speculation) Bungie did it because they wanted a crap ton of money to finance other IP's, as well as, move the Destiny world into the multimedia market(i.e movies or tv shows).

  10. This is somthing personal, you get Crash I get the original developers of Halo, and make my own to compete with all the shooters you have, and to compensate the disappearance of COD from Playstation.

  11. Jim Ryan's wording, to me, indicates when he says "multiplatform" he means PC and probably not Xbox but let's see.

  12. Bungie ain't shit and until ps comes out with a game pass like Xbox I will never own the system paying 70plus$ for games.?

  13. Bungie would not have sold without those conditions. And Sony felt the fire under their ass from zenimax. That’s what this was about

  14. This isnt anything special, Bungie…1 game and its just ok nothing ground breaking plus its still multiplat. This in no way pushes someone more to purchase a playstation.

  15. I've gotten my fill of Destiny, so good for sony to get Bungie. Also Bungie finally gives sony a good fps studio.

  16. How is that an answer to xbox? A 3.6b deal vs a 68.7b deal doesn't even compare I don't care what company it is and 2ndly I don't get companies doing this anyways there are for more people out there who wants the same games on both systems than people who whine about what system gets what it's cringly fan boys who want exclusivity where as everyone else just wants to enjoy and play games and no worry about what's on what long as everyone gets to play it it's this divide that's making video games die which is exactly why most games that release now are dog shit

  17. Bit odd to pay that much for a studio and giving them rights to be self published and stay multiplatform Personally i think its more to do with they cant afford to lose the income that xbox and pc make other than anything else.

  18. I think Sony made it multi platform because if they did xbox will definitely make the call of duty only exclusive to xbox that's what I think and I like to poop and pee at the same time

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