Surprise! Sony Welcomes Bungie into the PlayStation Family | PS4, PS5

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Sony makes a claim for the first-person shooter crown by buying Destiny Developer for $3 Billion.

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  1. Except Sony and Bungie have already said they will be considered as a 2nd party studio – independent of Sony… even though they were bought entirely. This was a stupid deal if they don't maximise it the value of it… and while Sony needs a tech injection…. nearly 4B for 1 game is silly… especially if it's not even going to be a Sony studio.
    This is going to be the end of Sony as it jumps into MTX world – which is what it will need to do to pay this off as an investment.

  2. That’s the difference between PlayStation and Xbox. Sony has their own plans of an service based game and they look around on how to make it happen and if necessary they buy a company to add missing Know-how to achieve their goal. Xbox doesn’t have their own ideas or the creativity to develop their own games so they buy franchises and then sell them as “their” own. Without those purchases they would be finished a long time ago.

  3. For a website talking about gaming news, you didn't do you due diligence, it wasn't any kind of response. Also responding to MD by buying Bungie is silly, but hey, let's create engagement by misleading people, who cares, right, It's just kids stuff and they're all dumb anyway?

  4. 3:50 Deal confirmed NOT to be a retaliation to Microsoft Blizzard and had been a deal in the works for 6 months prior. Interesting to see what big studio Playstation buy in retaliation then ?

  5. Sony should buy embark studios who mainly consists of old dice devs who developed the likes of Bf1, bf3 and 4. Alot of knowhow and would be cool to see what a bungie/embark team could create within the Sony family.

  6. I am 110% Team Playstation all the way & even I think that Sony buying Bungie is a terrible response made by Sony in regards to Microsoft buying activision-blizzard. Bungie used to be a big deal when they were still making Halo games for Microsoft but ever since Bungie left Microsoft, Bungie has never again been able to reach those same heights of success that they once experienced with Halo as Destiny 1 never lived up to all of the initial hype it once had & Destiny 2 although better than its predecessor also didn't exactly blow away the entire gaming world.

    Why the hell couldn't Sony instead buy out konami & save all those beloved gaming franchises like Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania & Contra that [email protected]$knami is just allowing to rot away. Why the hell couldn't Sony instead buy Sega who own the likes of Persona, Total War, Streets of Rage, Virtua Fighter & Yakuza. Why the hell couldn't Sony instead buy From Software who not only created the likes of Dark Souls, Sekiro & the upcoming Elden Ring but also gave Playstation one of their biggest & most acclaimed exclusive games during the previous console generation in the form of Bloodborne. So many better far more exciting gaming studio investment options that Sony could've gone with to respond to Microsoft's recent acquisition and they instead go with a studio that has never really been able to replicate their past glory days. WTF Sony?

  7. I think its smarter for playstation to buy many small studios rather than just buying ubisoft or ea. By small studios i mean studios like bungie, which are still big, but not on the level of activision

  8. Xbox gets COD, Overwatch, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro & Tony Hawk.

    Playstation gets Destiny, future games by Bungie & more acquisitions to come.

    Playstation is already winning this war & I wish we didn't have this war to begin with.

  9. I really hope they're working on brand new games or SOCOM, Resistance or Killzone (Remastered Collections or new games for those series)

  10. This is really great for Playstation but I'm not a fan of any of this stuff happening with giant corporations eating other corporations/devs in general.

    Microsoft started it because they can't build their studios from the ground up like Playstation does. They literally only have Forza & Halo & barely anything else.

  11. Did I miss anything by not buying Destiny 1 or is all that content included in Destiny 2?

  12. Playstation & Nintendo must team up in the future with some sort of partnership to combat the giant monopoly that is Microsoft/Xbox!!!

  13. Responded – LOL – its been in talks for AGES and this does NOT just happen… Also, it ain't PlayStation as HOME – they are remaining independent to create and publish as well as continuing will continue be on ALL current platforms… There is NO exclusivity. This is a deal for Bungie. They were also owned by MS before Activision. Bungo will have a get out clause and will simply just use Sony money and resources to help Destiny. Get it right you TWONK!

  14. Losing Obsidien (The Outer Worlds) and Bethesda (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Starfield so no psvr2 releases for any of them) to microshite so no more releases on the playstation is a far far far bigger deal to me than any of this latest Activision/Blizzard/Bungie crap.

  15. So what I get from this is. Sony will use this as a bargaining tool. Xbox gives Sony cod and Sony gives Xbox destiny.

  16. Selfishly this is a bad deal FOR ME. i don’t care about bungie like that. Matter of fact bungie seem to be irrelevant at this point vs holding down square enix, capcom or Wb.

  17. What I know is that this kind of things don't happen overnight,dare I say that this was on the oven before the Activision acquisition

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