The King of Fighters XV – Team DLC Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

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The KOF XV DLC characters have been revealed!
Team GAROU features Rock Howard, B. Jenet, and Gato.
Team SOUTH TOWN features Geese Howard, Ryuji Yamazaki, and Billy Kane
KOF XV releases Feb 17th, 2022!


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  1. Lol Street Fighter 6 better give us the characters we want, just saying i better see Makoto & C.Viper on the roster coz SNK aint holding anything back

  2. I wondering what will be new DLC character in summer? I hope will be Kizuna team with Sho Hayate, Rosa and Kim Su-Ii. Or Metal Slug team with Marco, Tarma and Fio.

  3. Aww man I wanted hotaru on team garou with rock and b. Jenet because I have those three as a team on KOF all stars

  4. I knew it!, I knew they would sooner or later release Geese and Rock. Oh boy, Maximilian Dood is going to have a field trip day with this! ?

    Gato was a nice surprise. If I remember correctly, he hasn't been in any game since Garou; so this is his KOF debut. I think pros will enjoy mastering him. ?

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