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Top 20 Metaverse & NFT Gaming Tokens | Sentiment Ranking Update

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On this episode, we’re taking a look at the top 20 metaverse and gaming projects ranked by marketcap, sentiment, and amplification in January, based on our Crypto Power Index data. The top 5 current sentiment coins are Sandbox SAND, RMRK, UFO Gaming, Illuvium ILV, and Vulcan Forged PYR.

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~Top 20 Metaverse & NFT Gaming Tokens | Sentiment Ranking Update~
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  1. Excellent analysis, Paul; UFO Gaming is going to surprise a lot of people. I bought some small bags of UFO and Illuvium today.

  2. It requires money to make money this is the best secret I have ever heard we don’t make money we make multiple money.

  3. ITrustCapital doesn't even answer their phones. I transferred over monies to them only to find out they don't answer their phones, therefore I had to set up a phone call with them. The soonest I could schedule was 7 days later. I transferred my monies immediately to a different Crypto IRA Company that genuinely values their customers. Your channel lost has credibility from my perspective because you promoted this company. You obviously know little about what you are promoting in ITrustCapital. Your channel may not value Trust?

  4. UFO didn't keep their promise in Q4..just put out a new logo that looks like a 3rd grader did it and wanted you to name a bug that looked stuip as hell about 2 weeks ago…so yeah I'm not adding to my bag ….proceed with caution.

  5. Great video, my thoughts are the metaverse is years out right? These games are in development there is no way to tell if any of them Will still be around for the actual metaverse, so I’ld say focus on gainng On the gaming tokens themselves as NFts in gaming gain mass adoption there will be huge profit to be made like we saw with Axie and its token, once the youth mass adopt Nft gaming shit is going to explode without a doubt Eth dominate in this area so it can’t go wrong

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