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Trapped In The Metaverse: Here’s What The Future of VR Gaming Looks Like

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Gaming as we know it is in the worse state it’s ever been, so we decided to go outside… to the world’s biggest VR arcade. For a little context, we’re at Two Bit Circus, really a theme park first of its kind. Full of the best tech in VR, we were able to experience what is to come. The metaverse is here and soon instead of playing Warzone with our controllers, we’ll be zoomed into what feels real. Of course, with any kind of technology, it takes time to adapt. From the first Call of Duty to what we see today. In a few years, it will feel real.

I challenge you to learn more about something new that scares you! Learn about crypto smart contracts, NFT communities, or VR gaming. Or if you’re in LA, stop by Two Bit Circus and experience everything for yourself! I might see you there. Remember, love yourself and love each other because soon, technology will change life that we know today.

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  1. Hey man thinking of making more places like this on the east coast and also think that I would love to collaborate on something to make a big impact possibly with crypto nfts and real 5d which is a little more intense but is being used by the US government in the military for years

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