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UFO Gaming Overview ( Play-to-earn Metaverse Games EXPLODING)!

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This is a UFO Gaming Overview hosted by Armanddo. Play-to-earn games like UFO Gaming are the new gaming model taking the world by storm.

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0:00 – Intro
1:10 – UFO Price Analysis
2:20 – Social Media Engagement
3:33 – Upcoming Features in Q1
12:33 – GALA vs. UFO
13:43 – UFO Partnerships
15:25 – Where to buy UFO
17:01 – Outro

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In this video Armanddo gives viewers a quick and concise overview of UFO Gaming as well as his personal thoughts about the project’s potential. According to the site, UFO Gaming will collaborate with traditional gaming companies to integrate them onto the blockchain and develop new blockchain gaming features. Is UFO Gaming a good crypto investment in 2022? Find out more about UFO Gaming by watching this informative video.

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  1. The Partnerships are dodgy. Who are the partners? They have 0 twitter depth and opened up accounts same time as the founder of UFO.

    Why do you do a valuation by a website, a white paper? They are NOT in touch with community, show me an AMA. The bi-weekly is a good effort but let’s see.

    Right now you are pumping a token that is only a bunch of words and empty promises on a website and white paper.

    No real game. No team details. Flimsy communications.

    This is like buying a car from a flashy website website page but then turning up to a garage that’s really just a post box. No car. Money gone.

  2. Thanks for the content, bro! Very detailed! And what do you say about the new nft p2e project world eternal online?

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