Will Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 (PS5) Be Effected By Spider-Man No Way Home's Ending??

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Let’s discuss if everyone forgetting Peter Parker is Spider-Man (and existing) will carry over to Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2. Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!! #SpiderMan2 #SpiderMan #MarvelsSpiderMan2


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  1. I know we will get references to Tobey, Andrew, and Tom's Spider Man… 100% chance that we will get their costumes in game, but I swear if they actually come in and plays a massive role, or short role, imma freak out. Those 3 are amazing, but I do want them to not be in the game. References are fine, maybe a cameo, but they kinda dont need to be in this game

  2. Hell no i dont want the game to get influenced by the movie … PLEASE DONT EVEN TRY TO DO THAT INSOMNIAC

  3. I thought the Marvel Gaming Universe was created to be separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I find it redundant, stupid, and lazy for them to just combine the two now.

  4. OMG Alex why is it so hard for you to understand that the ending of Spider-Man no way home doesn't affect any other Spider-Man other than Tom Holland's Peter Parker Spider-Man character

  5. They definitely aren’t gonna do it, it destroys plot they previously set up in the first game. The spell won’t effect other universes, it would way to complicated for that.

  6. I dont think that’s how it works they only forget about mcu Spider-Man because if not did tobey and Andrew forget that they are peter because they went to there universe at the end so I only think they forgot about tom

  7. Ok so someone already stated this in comments, but I’m gonna try to make this as clear as possible.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4/PS5) Peter was a part of the Spider-Geddon comic event (which is a Spider-Verse comic). In the comic the Superior Spider-Man (Doc Ock in a Spider-Man body) left something for Otto Octavius to have in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe.

    Technically speaking, Peter of the game’s universe has already been a part of the Spider-Verse and it has been said that the story is cannon to the games.

    The final spell only effected MCU Peter’s universe, the initial spell only brought the villains because MCU Peter messed up the spell. The final spell (make everyone forget Peter) was done to stop the convergence of characters into the MCU. I admit, it’s pretty messy writing, but that’s a lot of multiverse stories.

    If we were to use the logic that everyone in every universe would forget Peter Parker, then literally everything would be effected including the real world (because comics include the real world as an alternate universe) which is both incredibly idiotic and unnecessary.

    What the tweet was probably referring to was the Spider-Verse event that happened between Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 games, meaning something with Otto may happen.

  8. I don’t understand what the games would have to do with the movies, and I don’t like it. Be it’s own thing please. I wish people stop obsessing over multiverses, and connected universes.

  9. Seeing they changed Peter's face for PS5 version of Spiderman to resemble the voice actor; wondering if he'll show in MCU or Sony spider man cinematic universe

  10. The people forgetting Spider-Man thing is only for Tom Holland's world. Not Maguire or the games or whatever.

  11. Greetings, Alex! First and foremost, I'd want to express my admiration for your work, which I've been following for the past two years and counting. I'm curious if you know whether the rumors are true that Keaton will be in Batgirl and be the next upcoming DCEU Batman. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  12. Spider-Man PlayStation fans are really reaching on this for things to talk about. Come on, no this doesn’t apply to the us game it’s in its own universe and the events are separate

  13. I don't know if it will transfer to the insomniac universe though. Maybe it will. But wasn't the game being made well before no way home?

  14. It won't be affected by the spell, but insomniac Spiderman is in marvel comics, he was in spidergeddon and has teamed up with main 616 Peter and superior Spiderman. (There's even a line about how happy he is that there IS a spidercop in the multiverse)

    So technically the tweet isn't lying, but they are trying to get likes off of no way home

  15. I am 100% sure this won’t happen. It doesn’t make sense in so many ways. I think it was a fake leak

  16. I really hope that doesn’t happen because it seems from the leaks that motion capture is already happening from a while ago that the story is close to be finished or even half way so if don’t thee this st them recently it could completely mess with the story they are trying

  17. Doctor Strange's spell won't apply to other realities… that would mess everything up and take stuff from these characters that are already established. But I do want the game to tease something about the Spider-Verse… maybe a line or a post credit scene

  18. Will I think Spider-Man will die in this game That's One Way beating the movie then the whole spider verse will happen in the future games like Spider-Man 3 or Spider-Man 4 but it is not Peter Parker's Spider-Man it's Miles Morales Spider-Man

  19. Nawh. They're not touching the movies at all. Completely different things. Totally unrelated and it would make things too messy. You would have to watch the movies just to understand the plot of the second game. That's dumb

  20. Nah. That forgetting spell really only applies to the MCU Peter says what if everybody in the world forgets me as Spider-man.
    It only work to keep the multi-verse away from the MCU because no one from his world remembers Peter as Spider-man.
    So it helps keeps other people from other worlds away because that’s one similarity thank those universes have that apply to spell. If that makes sense at all.
    Plus if that were the case I doubt Miles and Peter would act all buddy buddy like they get in the trailer like they know each other too well.

    I do believe the video games count within the MCU multi-verse.
    It at least counts within the comics because PS4 Spider-man has crossed over with comic Spider-Man before & The MCU Multiverse at least applies to both live action and animation so maybe it could also apply to video games as well.
    But I doubt you’ll find any reference to no way home in this game.
    If anything it’s the other way around and I mean clearly movies take ideas from the games.
    Tom says he took some fighting moves and the games in applied to the Movie.
    The death of Aunt May and her grave stone saying if you help someone you help everyone was inspired by the game.

    Plus I have a pretty strong feeling the story of this game might give us a little hint too on how they might apply to the next MCU trilogy. Specifically what they might do with Venom.

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