You HAVE to try the NEW VSS // PUBG Console (PS4, PS5, Xbox)

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The updated VSS on PUBG is AMAZING! PUBG Xbox Series X Gameplay from Ben on PUBG Console Edition (PS4, PS5, Xbox …


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  1. Lean the scope it hits like a arrow been testing via training mode its strange but works…. Ive been getting slapped as of late as been trying get the revolver to level 100 not quite there yet but did hit a 168m shot with it lol

  2. I always enjoy your videos, and you've probably shot me to bits out there in PUBG land, regardless, thank for the content and I have just added you to the Creator appreciation program setting.

  3. Dude now everyone knows ?. VSS is OP! Learn to lead your shots and the gun wrecks. I feel like it does more damage per round than most guns, however stats say otherwise

  4. I gave it some thought and the VSS combined with the new drone and EMT gear may be a good combo now that the canted goes on the VSS.

  5. Bruh, if I run around like this I get one shot immediately. I really don't understand how anyone gets away with this…

  6. A little practice with the bullet drop and the VSS shreds people at medium and long range. I have always loved the gun.

  7. every video he uploads its nothing but noobs and bots. i not saying hes not a good player but the servers he plays on are full of noobs.

  8. I feel like they really know what they were doing with that gun last night around 11pm someone lit me up with that thing and i instantly went down and it wasnt even a full mag???

  9. VSS is a fantastic weapon! Sooo unique
    Lacks at range but to me it makes up for it with its silence 🙂
    Sweet vid TBG

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