SIFU – John Wick Destroys Everyone in the Club (4K ULTRA)

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I decided to recreate the Club scene from John Wick, except this time, no guns! The John Wick Mod is now available in Sifu on PC. I did not create the mod. You can find the John Wick mod here:




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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that one of the enemies you fight in this level is Scout from TF2?

  2. I just said a few weeks ago that a john wick game could work perfectly in the style of sifu. The internet works fast. Shang chi mod next please.

  3. I can tell the john model is from fortnite i have my eyes on recognizable characters being in movies and games

  4. The first thing I thought in the first big room of the club with that music: that's some John Wick environment

  5. Idea for a JW game story: the impossible task that Viggo gave him, so he can leave the assassin life.

  6. Character Skins I wanna see in Sifu

    Keanu Reeves – John Wick
    Uma Thurman – Kill Bill
    Jason Statham – The Transportor
    Weasley Snipes – Blade 1 & 2
    Bruce Lee Any movie
    Tony Jaa – Ong Bak
    the main character in Ip Man
    and that guy from Kung Fu theater who is made of paper with the long beard and matching eye brows

  7. Sifu needs a walk mode so ur not so agro all the damn time. And the training mode needs to allow for custom characters to train on like the bigger enemies and armed opponents. I know there will be character skins and new moves and weapons. Just get it done quick before the public loses interest. And don't forget the dojo mode that ghost of tsushima slept on so we can get r Bruce Lee on.

  8. Apparently Donnie Yen is involved in Chapter 4. Pretty fitting if that's true~

  9. I told you do not touch other people's dogs… even killed his dog….look what happen now, he is mad

  10. The John Wick character is cool, but he should have moves specifically for his own not the same moves the original character has. Also the Kung Fu in the game isn't that impressive it could have been way better. Cool concept though.

  11. Shame on you. You have beaten the two guys outside the club. They did nothing wrong. You're a violent bully. You earn a Don't like. And no subscription. Well done.

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