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9 CRUCIAL Elden Ring Tips & Tricks To Make You 'Git Gud' And Win Every Fight

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In this video we go over 9 very important tips and tricks that you will want to know about right now in Elden Ring. It will make you die way less and you will start destroying bosses and enemies left and right. These are all tips and tricks in Elden Ring that you’ll want to know ASAP because not knowing about these tips can be quite costly and have severe long term effects. With these Elden Ring tips and tricks you will have an even better experience in this absolutely amazing game and they are all relevant for every part of Elden Ring (early, mid or late) as well so that’s great as well. This video does not contain any spoilers either and will truly make you ascend to newer levels in Elden Ring to the point that you can start telling others to ‘git gud’. Enjoy!

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