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All 47 New Witch Queen Weapons and Exotics (GOD ROLLS)

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In this video we take a look at all the newest guns for the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Expansion. We look at the newest perks, stats, and god rolls for each new gun in the Destiny 2 Expansion. If you enjoy the video, feel free to like and subscribe.

Find each weapon time stamp here.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Duty Bound
4:11 Herod-C
8:40 Krait
12:35 Fel Tarradiddle
16:06 Peace of Mind
17:50 Syncopation-53
21:58 Perses-D
25:11 Fortissimo-11
27:44 Ragnhild-D
30:12 Empirical Evidence
33:12 Silicon Neuroma
34:59 Thoughtless
37:02 Forensic Nightmare
39:12 Come to Pass
40:21 Sweet Sorrow
41:46 Under Your Skin
43:45 Likely Suspect
45:32 Snorri FR5
47:52 Explosive Personality
50:18 Cantata-57
54:24 Crisis Inverted
54:56 Frontier’s Cry
57:10 Ogma Pr6
58:48 Aisha’s Embrace
01:01:44 Pointed Inquiry
01:03:11 Redback-5SI
01:04:49 Father’s Sins
01:05:59 Fugue-55
01:06:57 Funnelweb
01:08:28 Tarnation
01:08:57 Recurrent Impact
01:10:13 Palmyra-B
01:11:13 Red Herring
01:11:53 Razor’s Edge
01:12:38 All New Exotics


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  1. Godrolls are not 2/5, when you say "I'm not gonna talk about barrels or mags, choose yourself" I stopped watching, what's the point, I'll just go look on my own. Thanks.

  2. Don't forget scout rifles are a champion mod for this season so aishas embrace with vorpal or any scout with vorpal will be good this season

  3. API isn’t bugged guns with multiple copied perks means they are able to be crafted and those are the enhanced perks

  4. That sword is a caster frame with Chain Reaction. Anybody that farmed that Solar's Scar drop from Trials (as a non-pvp player) know how amazing that thing is and how much it was worth it, even for difficult content.

  5. I crafted a syncopation god roll and it's my favorite pulse now and ifs feels better than messenger for me

  6. Under your skin you're stacking far too much accuracy. I'm more interested in archers tempo + warm up. I'm pretty sure Bungie included this so we could reach Hush like draw times. I'm fine if people don't realise this, just from using it slightly it already feels nutty and I haven't even gotten my desired roll yet.

  7. The ogma-pr6 is amazing with adaptive munitions and turnabout. It can break any shield and will give you an overshield of your own when you do. It carried me through the entire legendary campaign solo. I highly recomend it.

  8. I see Forvearance as another grenade launcher but dont see it on any website and its hidden in collections. It is in the craftable weapons. Have you found one yet? If so, is it a lightweight or a wave frame?

  9. As long as the recoil ends in a 5 or it's towards the max it will be mostly vertical. The higher the better tho for faster rpm weapons.

  10. Brave, please use addblock next time you're recording a webpage, it really hurts me eyes man.

  11. FYI the extra set of perks are there probably because they are enhanced perks you get by levelling up the weapon and reforging it at the artefact.

  12. Thanks for doing this. Do the weapons and perk pool feel a little underwhelming? Atleast for pvp.. I got the crucible handcannon a bunch already and I'm not loving it

  13. Surprised that Likely Suspect and Snorri FR5 with Firmly Planted with Successful Warm-up are not in the running for Fusion Rifle combos. I'll be grinding for those rolls.

  14. When you said your intro i thought the X was silent like in some anime show like Hunter x Hunter

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