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Create New Game Fully Automatically, No Hands, – Diablo 2 Resurrected, Single Player

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I get asked all the time on stream how i do this, so today I’m show you how i save and exit, select character, select hell, and reset my run counter all while my hands are no where near my mouse or keyboard. Also if i didn’t mention in video, i would only recomend this for single player. I have no idea if this would cause issues online but i suspect it might.

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I just bought these lights myself because you discount code was such a great deal on these 2 lights. Less than $25 for both, free shipping free returns!!

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✅2 moniters: Cheap 60hrz Dells, the ones that come generic home PC’s

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✅Camera and Microphone Boom Arm (1 for each):
✅DREVO BladeMaster TE Mechanical Keyboard:
✅Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse:
✅Surround sound: Im not listing mine on here because i paid $60 at bestbuy in 2012 for what I’m using, the same ones are $399 on amazon now…..
✅RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Large:
✅Dimmable 3 tone Ring Light:
✅Turtle Beach Headset:

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