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Destiny 2: My Day One Witch Queen First Impressions

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Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion is here, and naturally I have been doing nothing but playing it all day. I have many, many thoughts about not just the campaign, but the new systems like weapon crafting and the glaive. These are just first impressions that will evolve over time.

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  1. Thank you Paul for your commentary. I enjoy your content very much. Like the straight shooter approach. You and Destin are one of my favorite content creators in general.

  2. I played this through first time on solo legendary and it was the perfect difficulty, never frustrating to the point of wanting to quit. Very enjoyable experience.

  3. Some parts of the Legendary campaign were brutal for my friends who are extremely talented.

  4. Definitely the best campaign Bungie has ever created for Destiny as a whole, maybe even better than the Taken King (although that's a pretty difficult comparison because the raid was tied directly to the Taken King and we don't have the raid yet for Witch Queen). Thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was worth the Legendary grind. Also, this campaign actually made sense. So much of the story has been convoluted or buried in lore tabs. This one was 100% different, and it sang to me as a result.

  5. This is 100% D2s equivalent to The Taken King. I was so done with D2 and ready to give up on it. I was in the same spot with D1 before TTK came out. Then TWQ drops, and I decided to give it a go. Now I'm sucked back in. Props to Bungie for hitting the ball out of the park with this one. Definitely one of the best Destiny expansions of all time.

  6. I got killed by a sentinel knight shield, which I thought wouldn’t hit by bouncing everywhere. Next thing I know, I’m killed by that same shield

  7. What I loved most about the solo Legendary campaign was that I actually had to THINK about an encounter and form a strategy. I couldn't just mindlessly run in and blinding nade everything

  8. Less than 2 minutes and I’m reminded why I do not like your content. “My first impressions even though I haven’t played it yet”. Reading your articles You can just tell you’ve never actually played a whole video game in your life.

  9. It certainly wasn't PR fluff when they said we'd discover ground breaking revolutions 🤣

    This DLC is their best by far throughout the franchise (in my opinion). Making every side of the battle much more complex and not the typical "bad guy bad because bad) lol

  10. I'm sorry I just can't take Paul seriously anymore When it comes to destiny now. All the hardcore and ppl that love destiny (myself included a family man) completed Legendary the mode.

  11. Legendary Mode is no joke and I love it! I was playing with my friends and we played the third WQ mission, The Ghost, on Legendary and holy shit that Brutiks boss fight was insane! Took us an hour and a half to beat it and we were all exhausted afterwards lol.

  12. Legendary mode is life the entire game needs to be difficult as that even patrol IMO I want to feel the threat of dying and running for my life when things get out of hand

  13. Legend Campaign was so well done. The perfect level of challenge – especially as a solo player. Reminded me a lot of soloing dungeons.

  14. This dlc has been so great that it genuinely worries me for the future dlcs. I’m worried we will get another year 3.

  15. I've already spoiled myself on the story. wont spoil for those who care but god its dumb. it just spells some parts out and the bits that are a mystery aren't really explained properly. the presentation of the campaign and the new areas are pretty cool, I predicted the hive guardians would be underwhelming and I was right. I know other people will enjoy it but for me what I've tried doesn't really work overall. side note the glaive and crafting overall seem pretty cool but I haven't really got into it.

  16. Solo legendary will remain one of the best experiences I've had playing a Destiny campaign. As painful as it might have been in some missions, the fulfillment of completion felt amazing. Great work Bungie, will be curious to see how this season progresses.

  17. I've been soloing legendary. Its not easy. Got to take your time. But its not hard. Just a decent challenge. You'll die a couple times. Learn your lesson. The guardian hive use therw super often. And respawn is a mofo.

    Ive never done a GM nightfall and hardly raid. But im glad i played on legendary. I run a train on everything in Destiny. Except raids. At first. But its been a more fun experience and slightly annoying. Soloing legendary

  18. I do miss orbs, but I feel like maybe it was best for a slight nerf to us as Guardians across the board, because constantly having protective light and my super up made a lot of the game trivial even when playing solo. Bungie pushing elemental wells further this season I think will make for more unique builds/playstyles beyond just "shoot everything".

  19. i wish they add a mechanic where if we are unable to go and crush the enemy ghost, we can can shoot the ghost using a weapon of sorrow like say thorn or malfeasance, or whisper or bad juju or even the new smg
    Trust me Paul, u will start appreciating child of the old gods once u start doing harder content

  20. For me this was the ultimate Destiny 2 I could have imagined. Incredible awe inspiring set pieces, much improved enemy Ai and variety. Full weapon modding and crafting options, graphical improvements. And so much more I am back in my Destiny 1 alpha feels again as I play this new dlc. Highly recommended 👌

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