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Destiny 2: Okay It's Gotta Be Tomorrow, Right?

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Destiny 2 has two weeks to go until Witch Queen. It makes the most sense for the story to pick up tomorrow, but given my previous wrong predictions. Who knows. Here’s what I’m hoping to see.

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  1. There is no logical story telling of ever of why helping Savathun would be a good thing. Who writes this stuff. Lmao

  2. Yep too late wrong prediction. You get the exotic ship that looks similar to the ghost from season pass and sparrow

  3. i dont get you. every end season event was in the last 2h of the season. How cares if you are at work or sleep 😀

  4. Er nope they leaving till next week and will be crap…story pacing has been long lost ages ago and just dont care anymore which is sadly not acceptable to have this messed up like this.

  5. And making YET ANOTHER terrible decision (one of many over the past two years), Bungie decides to give us literally just one week to play the limited-time end-of-season event. Assuming they didn't simply forget to even give us one. And I'll bet there will be a bunch of bugs with next week's update too. Honestly, I was initially very unhappy to learn Bungie had sold itself to Sony, but the past two years have convinced me that Bungie simply can't handle things alone.

  6. Ha i found a place where i can say this ive been seeing your things about farming god rolls for older seasonal stuff the defining whisper grenade launcher from season of the hunt you dont want rampage on it. It does nothing. It doesnt help with its damage only the projectile itsself the actual wave doesnt get a damage boost from rampage. Dont farm for rampage on this weapon. You want ambitious assassin wellsping. Not rampge.

  7. I downloaded destiny 2 a couple weeks ago for the first and am so thoroughly lost lol. I hope I didn’t miss the boat on this, i am hooked on this game even as I don’t understand it. Yes, I did find Byf and started to listen to his entire story of destiny. It’s helping, but the names and faces he quickly scrolls through I have no context of

  8. Why would it be today? Whatever happens is going to be immediately consequencial. So the week before makes the most sense since in game time matches real time.

  9. that Vidoc light in the darkness just told us that most of your question are only anwsered in the witch queen, so it very little left, just savathum breakign the shard and leaving, that all that their is after todays destiny 2 video. makes sense that only something short comes in the next few weeks befor release. also the next season 16 has been named with that video as season of the Risen and is with caitel. also craftign weapon can be used for all slots so witch queen becomes as expantion of the insane combat loadouts, where you can build craft pretty insane loadouts. means pvp will break horribly due to all insane possible loadouts. and pve might be fun just be ready for insane loadouts with witch queen.

  10. The fact that the last mission isn't part of the seasonal seal has me thinking it will be the last week.

  11. Love the videos my dude, been trying to click on and read all your Forbes articles, but keep getting hit with that pay wall still. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep watching.

  12. Honestly at the start of the season I immediately felt that it was just sooo boring in astral alignment and whatever the other thing was in the sp00py looking place AND the quest line was over 50 steps and just stopped cos I'm not doing that. Unless there's something really amazing in the last mission I'll just watch it on YouTube

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