Elder Ring

Elden Ring – Fia Questline, Locations, Outfit (Quest for Age of Duskborn Ending)

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00:00 Talk to Fia in Roundtable Hold regularly after slaying gods 02:58 Talk to Rogier 04:41 Talk to Fia again after slaying gods …


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  1. Fia isnt falling asleep. I've left the area, rested at graces, advanced time, or did a combination of the three, but she still won't go to sleep.

  2. To get to the roots area you must go underground to Siofra Aqueduct. From there you have to fight Two big ass strong gargoyles. "Beware Posion". Once defeated there's a there's a coffin that you can hop into and boom you're at the deep root depths. You can follow the guide after

  3. I did all of this and THEN gave that guy armor, and came to Fia's place and D was acting like he killed her, even tho she died before and i got her cloth armor. So win win cuz i killed him and got the armor and sword back

  4. There's a quest line? I've been playing this game for 70 hours. 60 of them have been spent in her arms.

  5. I haven't played the game, I don't know what is going on. But Seeing this scene: 5:44 A huge round table with a dozen swords plunged into it's center, and a lone golden warrior sitting at one of the chairs, turned away from the table, I want to know this world.

  6. So for all of you childish people who called Fia a necrophiliac… you were 1000% correct to the point of wanting to bang a dead god and bring his child into this world as our new Hades.

  7. when i reload the area at the end there is d there who supposedly killed her his holding his sword up straight to the air calling her witch and a whore lmao

  8. Always remember that it was me.

    I was simping for hugs before it became all popular and stuff.


  9. Im stuck on this quest, the last thing i did was give that monster the deathroot, went back to talk to D and thats was it? I tried talking to fia again but nothing new so im stuck. am i missing part of her quest or something?

  10. Ok so I did rannis quest on my first play through I’m about to start ng + in a few days. If I do fias quest on ng+ would that mess up my game ?

  11. I appreciate the video but I wish I could SEE where you got to certain areas. I have zero idea how you got to FIA despite watching your pointing thingy

  12. The way they framed this character is so deliberate and weird. All she does is…hug people basically, giving them life and receiving some in return. A comforter of those in death…

    …and yet the way she’s portrayed is so much like a prostitute. She sits on a bed, you can “talk in secret” with her, she is a (death) bed companion, she says she will “lie” with certain nobles, she is scorned for her work, she says Rogier spoke to her while “abed,” she says she willl bear a “child” after “lying” Godwyn, but none of that is what it sounds like lol.

    She hugs, she bears a “child” which is actually a rune, in the opening cutscene when she is framed to be “lying” with that champion…I noticed she was actually wearing a dress, she can actually aid people with her blessing…

    Basically what I’m saying is…I think this is From Software’s attempt at tackling a prostitution metaphor and it’s honestly kinda interesting…and strange.

  13. I killed fia instead of hugging her at the end
    How can i beat her boss? do i have to do it on ng+ or is there a way to revive her?

  14. the knights in this area can F off i swear and they also fly.. have like 100 poise and just block spell damage.. like F off the bosses are harder to deal with than these

  15. A quick tip to beat the fat rolling dude on the bridge at 19:30 (He drops a set of armor). When he gets to half health, he starts rolling and one shotting everything on its path. You can hide behind those stairs on the sides of the bridge and he gets stuck rolling against the wall. Be careful when he stops rolling. He jumps and does a lot of damage.

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