Elder Ring

Elden Ring – Insane NEW 1.000.000+ Runes Farming Spot & AFK Rune Farming Method (Elden Ring Tips)

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Elden Ring – Insane NEW 1.000.000+ Runes Farming Spot & AFK Rune Farming Method (Elden Ring Tips)

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Intro – 00:00
Deeproot Depths Best Farming Method – 00:20
Increase Rune Drops & Optimize Run – 04:30
AFK Rune Farming Spot – 07:18

Outro – 10:00

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  1. Everyone sleeps on the dynasty mausoleum midpoint. You use a aoe weapon such as rahdans greatswords and take out the majority of enemies, to then take out the tough enemy. 27kish runes a run 15/20 seconds a run.

  2. “2 bosses that are quite tuff” try crazy difficult! I am levelled high but my weapons don’t seem to be enough for bosses this tuff!

  3. I checked and the Deeproot method is significantly slower than farming the suicide bird and the albinaurics on the Mohg Palace pathway by I'd say about 8x, especially if you sweep that whole area with an AOE attack.

  4. tips for int and faith users you can do the whole of the first farm for 9k-14k per 30 seconds by just staying around the grace point and using either loretta's bow or frenzy burst (or whatever the longrange incantation was) to kill the three shown but not doing all that parkour

  5. Came here to find a good place to help me farm runes so I can level up and defeat radahn…

    First requirement, beat radahn. FML

  6. The farming one seems like you need to get lucky they spawn near eachother otherwise they spawn separated and stay idle

  7. Just FYI sometimes they will bug out and not take any damage from each other at all. A couple of times I had to hit a couple of them and then their attacks on each other started to have an effect. Don't know if this happened to anyone else but check in on them every so often. Bugs like this do happen and then you'll come back and have gain zero runes. I've noticed this "invincible HP" issue several times and had to reset at grace and even attack them to commence the damage effects.

  8. if it wasnt for xqc finding the deeproot deaths farm i dont think many people would be using it at all

  9. It'd be helpful if you could timestamp different sections. 10 minutes of differing methods with no way to parse them is kinda annoying.

    Edit: they're there, just not super clearly marked underneath all of the social media bs

  10. Grand Cloister is a good farm. 11 enemies. 27,000 runes per run (scarab w/ foul foot). Run takes mage roughly 1 1/2 – 2 mins. 3 runs net 81,000.

  11. I did the afk farm went to sleep and woke up to a message on screen saying "Inappropriate activity detected. Returning to title menu". Am I banned from multiplayer now because I can still see summoning signs when using Furlcalling Finger Remedy?

  12. Across the roots is my favorite farming spot. It helped a noob beginner like me to reach level 100+. Thanks!

  13. If you can beat the boss before the afk farming almost no summons at the boss fight except the npc summons. Who do very little damage

  14. LMFAOO " at least youre doing something in this farm and not just braindead stuff that makes no sense…… so anyways here's a braindead strat where you just go afk overnight"

  15. if you turn the time to night and get a red or yellow eye'd statue in deep roots depths youll be blessed with 20k runes a kill 🤐

  16. Only works for 10minutes than the npc stare at each other, that cave is not afk over night, its a lie

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