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Explosive Arrow Ballista – My TOP 3.17 Leaguestarter, Full Build Guide (Path of Exile, Archnemesis)

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  1. Want to thank you for this guide. I’ve only ever twice since started playing about 5 years ago ever made it this far into the game. Did it in less than a week with this guide. 2 voidstones down so far. Maven fight destroyed me, but I’ve never made it that far before.

  2. what did you take in reservation mastery? as it didn't show ( started playing 2 weeks ago, so I'd like to know )

  3. Hi they changed the phasing node in that tree under the elemental equilibium and its not there anymore is it worth to take the three points in the bow cluster right above elemental equilibium for the phasing?

  4. Does not flame surge breaks the equilibrium since it 'deals fire damage'? I am a noob and just curious

  5. Tried it, made it to level 16 maps, beat the story bosses, but under certain conditions the build hits a wall. If there are too many enemies, like Incursion, Syndicate Research, Rituals, it underperforms. In maps, if you need to really move like in a Delirium mirror, it's bad. If a boss has a ES shield or elemental resist, even a Rare with fire res, the fight takes ages. Any other build with 7 to 10 million DPS destroys pretty much anything and everything, this can't, it took me a long time to beat the Hydra for some reason where Lightning Strike takes about 10 seconds. The build is safe although it lacks survivability, and you can get something relatively strong on a low investment albeit the ceiling is low without a lot of exalts, this build needs a mirror worth of items to be good.

  6. Where's wrath in the gem setup section? And precision? Why is on the POB but not on the video? I don't get it

  7. I don't understand your math on how many fuses you'd get
    You attack at the same time all in one so e.g if you have 2 attacks per second you'd attack at 0->.5->1->1.5 or in this case you'd apply 18 fuses only? 2.06 attacks per second would be same result

    In other words it would appear to me that you are assuming each totem is doing basically 1/3rd of an attack in the remaining time accounting for the final 2 fuses to amount to 20, but totems don't attack in fractional amounts

  8. What are your thoughts on ashes of the stars? On top of the +1 skill level and quality increase if you roll high on the mana efficiency i think you can even turn on another aura

  9. I don't understand how you can get enough life on this build. I need way more life nodes than I got on the tree.

  10. I think your computation at 4:57 is wrong. You can't make as if the attacks was a continuous stream of arrows. Attacks are discrete and there will be thresholds:
    Example: in a perfect of 6 ballistas ready to shoot before the boss spawns and attack speed 2.06 (=one attack every 0.48s)
    – at 0s: 6 fuses. As you said, the countdown starts when the first fuse lands.
    – at 0.48s, another round of ballistas' shots: 12 fuses.
    – at 0.96s, third round of shots: 18 fuses
    – at 1.15s: end of the timer. So you only have 18 fuses. Not 20!
    To have 20 fuses, you need to aim for 24, and that means attack speed: 2.6
    To have 18 fuses you only need 1.74 attack speed. I think this is the value you shoud aim for. More attack speed will be wasted.

    Also note the once the fight lasts a bit longer, the average fuses should be something like: 6×2.06×1.15 + 1 (not 6). Because ballista won't be synchronized anymore.

  11. hey thx for the guide! what about global crit chance to get the +40% dmg buff? how important is that? u didnt mention that rly?

  12. Main gem setup:

    main (r-r-r-g-g-b)

    ballista totem(r) – inspiration/added burning damage(r) – elemental damage with attacks(r) – explosive arrow(g) – deadly ailments(g) – ignite proliferation(b)

  13. ok – slightly dumb question – how do you get 6 totems? 1 base, 2 from ballistra totem support, 1 ancestral bond, 1 panopticon = 5

  14. Hey, could you tell me what's the main strenght of this build about end game farming ? Which part of the game will this build shine ?

  15. any chance you could do a lvling filter highlighting socket color, bases, so on and so forth? Maybe for trade and ssf.

  16. How much more % damage does your build do with Shaper of the Storms. Thinking I might Bastion of the Elements if I feel my damage is high enough.

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