Gran Turismo 7 PS5 – Honest Review After 1 Week! How Good Is GT7!?

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Standing L Shape Studio Desk

BenQ Monitors
BenQ EX3201-T

Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX-SW Racer Base
Thrustmaster 383R Wheel Add-on
SF1000 Formula 1 Wheel Addon
TL-CM Pedals
TH8A Shifter w/Short Shifter
Thrustmaster Sparco Handbrake
Next Level Racing GT Track Rig
Next Level Racing Motion V3

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Wheel Setup #2
Fanatec DD1 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
Porsche 911 GT3 Wheel Add-on
Fanatec V3 Pedals
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Fanatec Handbrake
Derek Speare Designs Button Box

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  1. Bro Polyphony are not pioneering anything, this game visually looks a PS3 game in 4k more or less, you talk about the gear changes but on the flip side there's still no damage simulation 🤣

  2. Bought this game on launch……STILL cannot even change my oil. Waiting on a Honda civic to progress. SO STUPID! If i need a specific car to peogress fine. LET ME HAVE THE OPTION TO BUY IT. Im so afraid its gonna happen again i am literally buying every piece of shit they offer.

  3. There should be an option to upgrade cars to GR.3 GR.4 grade cars drift specs or rally

  4. I want to know how the fuck you're going full throttle out of a corner without spinning out. The physics in this game is beyond a joke.

  5. GT7's Metacritic score is almost as bad as reviews for Klaus Schwab's COVID-19: The Great Reset book on Amazon!

  6. A new term needs to be added to the lexicon… these aren’t micro transactions, they are macro transactions. Absolute gong show. Have played since GT1 and GT7 has made me put down the controller and walk away. Thanks for making this video, every bit of negative press helps. This is an abomination. Seeing Kaz used to inspire. It now makes me physically ill

  7. Is it really a difference and not just a visual upgrade? It looks like a good game but whats new after all? 🧐🤔 Is understeer fixed?

  8. project cars does the shifting gears better he actually moves his foot on the clutch and shifts gears properly same with breaking and changing gears at the same time his feet move to each pedal accordingly so no gt7 isnt setting the bar lmao its still behind it 😂 you should defenitlty play more sim games to compare you know? more perspective. youll see what this game is missing like realistic engine and exhaust sounds especially and realistic cosmetic damage, this game still sounds like digital cars pretending to have engine sounds rather then seeming like they have actual engines, every car sounds fake compared to how other games do it, this game is very behind haha but has other parts that are very good like boost all the technical things like that that are actually real that other games dont tend to

  9. Jesus Christ now they lowered the amount of money you win for a race. It's bad enough I can't get the f**** cars I need to move forward in the game. Now I can't even make money.

  10. Maaan this game was going great…. then update 1.07, they should put a screen while loading saying "you might as well either quit your job to get that car, or line our pockets with your micro transactions" I am so sick of current gaming culture with micro transactions being the only way to get by. Or just endless amounts of gaming… which most working folk don't have time to do.

  11. Don't play with the sticks on controller guys, seriously use the motion controls. You'll be surprised. Been using them since GTSport and they're perfect

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