Gran Turismo 7 VS Forza Motorsport 7 | PS5 vs PC Ultra | Graphics Comparison

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    – Forza Motorsport 7 runs on PC with maximum settings. Gran Turismo 7 runs on PS5.
    – Gran Turismo 7 has Ray tracing enabled in this video, but it is only visible in photo mode.
    – Lighting and weather options in Forza 7 are limited. I have tried to find the most similar options in both games.
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    – Forza Motorsport 7 se ejecuta en PC con todos los settings al máximo. Gran Turismo 7 se ejecuta en PS5.
    – Gran Turismo 7 tiene activado el Ray tracing en este video, pero sólo es visible en el modo foto.
    – Las opciones de iluminación y clima en Forza 7 son limitadas. Se ha tratado de buscar las opciones más similares en ambos juegos.
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  2. El equipo de desarrollo de Gran Turismo se quedo demasiado atras, Sony deberia meter gente mucho mejor capacitada porque solo se dedicaron a arruinar la gran saga que supo ser Gran Turismo en sus tiempos…

  3. I remember they said they were gonna do a Series X|S upgrade for Forza Motorsport 7 but never did. FM8 drops next year though, EXCLUSIVELY on next gen so I guess it's who cares, at this point 🤷🏿‍♂️

  4. What's more stunning, is that forza looks that good while still delivering peak Performance.
    You can literally turn it up to ultra settings on a mid range gpu while still playing at 100+ fps.
    On my rog strix 2080super oc, 1080p maxed out settings 150% resolution scale I get consistent 144fps, 1440p maxed out 100% Resolution scale 140-144fps (120 min fps).
    It's amazing. Can't wait for fm8


  6. Just to put into perspective, this is PC Ultra vs a console. A very powerful one, yes. But a console regardless

  7. Ugh… I loved GT Sport. I loved Gran Tourismo, but Sega GT 2000 stole me away from GT, and then Forza 3, then Forza 4, then Forza Horizon… and Forza 7 was great. Forza 6 was also great… Forza 5 was really the only bad game from Turn 10, Horizon is not counted as much here… GT7 is a no buy for me. I’ll wait for Forza on Series X on Gamepass. Sorry Sony. I loved GT2/GT3 with all my heart.

  8. Keep in mind this is PC vs living room console lol 😆 imagine when polyphony finally puts GT7 on PC 🧐

  9. In Turismo, I don’t like how the car drives, I don’t know if the camera did something wrong. It feels like a picture + a car glued to the asphalt rides, somehow without stuffiness. It stands like a picture + animation. But management, a serious approach to such details, fire

  10. Gran turismo is always a generation behind forza motorsports, the cars feel stiff and unreal also compared to forza

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