I joined Cobra Kai but Kuroki is an OP NINJA!!! | Sifu Gameplay #3

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In Today’s gameplay of Sifu I’ve defeated Sean and started working my way up the floors of the museum and its a very beautiful …


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  1. For Kuroki my strategy was on first phase dodge out of her range and let her wear herself out, once she finishes a combo string use a move that can quickly reach her (like snap kick) and deal whatever damage you can and get out. Basically make use of positioning to wear her down.

    On phase 2 there are two ways you can approach it. Evading is the safer route imo, but it takes longer, when she closes in for her normal string you can basically spam low dodge but just wait for her run back kick

    When she backs up and throws kunai, you can either evade which is safer or if you have the skill actually catch the kunai midair. Importantly, on her flashy quick dash attack (which does obscene damage), just wait for the flash indicator and evade, OR you can go for a risky parry which does a LOT of structure damage on her.

    A good combo you have to actually make the most of punishes (even on previous bosses) is the heavy+heavy+__heavy (wait for the last heavy input). It’ll knock them down allowing for more ground damage, and can give your structure a break.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Dwayne when is dark deception gonna be posted 😭 I keep trying to watch on twitch but then the sound never works

  3. Wonderful sportsmanship on you Dwayne like you don't even be mad on them deaths you learn and do better each time. Good on you man. 🙌🏾🙌🏾😊

  4. You out here killing it man. You wasn't kidding when you said you was in that dojo putting in work 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  5. The part when you realized you can catch her kunai felt like when something big happens at the end of a season and you gotta wait forever until a new season 😂😭

  6. That catch at the end was sweet. Way different thought process and style than Jaz 😂 but both are doing really well, I like it, thanks for the content.

  7. When you fight the two people right before Sean if you go over to the side and throw them off the small wall ledge it does a stupid amount of damage and will almost instant kill them

  8. Kobra Kyng😂. I feel like you would love the game sleeping dogs I love the game/story and the combat.

  9. Pro tip about the 3rd boss. In phase 2 just stand still and avoid her knifes with l1and when she charges at you instead of being aggressive and build that focus while avoiding to get open shots

  10. You can catch her knives and first time you met one of those big guys they show how to dodge them too

  11. Also just in case nobody knew this But you don't have to fight everybody to get to the final boss when she got to it her 1st time

    All you gotta do is beat up the 2 guys In the beginning and you can run straight to the elevator and go fight the boss immediately

  12. Also you can change your controls There's a option for it in the game settings. You can invert The controller settings

  13. The surprise pikachu face When you got hit by that dash move by Kuroki The Artist was a
    Kodak moment

  14. I can’t wait to get a pc set up to play this mannnnnn, the homie Dwayne put the training arc to use!!!!!!

  15. There's some cheesy way you can defeat Kuroki easily in the first stage of boss fight. You will need a strong sweep and then Crotch Punch

    First, strong sweep her and beat her down then when she stands up, just spam her repeatedly with Crotch Punch

    The boss fight aren't that hard if you master all the techniques, or master the parry plus when you memorize the patterns of the boss fights. Patterns of their attacks

  16. i don’t like using focus either, but when i was struggling against Sean i sure as hell spam tf outta it 😂

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