John Wick VS All Sifu Bosses [Cinematic, No HUD Gameplay]

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John Wick mod just came out and since I’m a professional at Sifu I took the opportunity to fight every single boss. But this time I turned off the HUD to make the gameplay extra cinematic. I’m really excited for the future of Sifu, can’t wait to see the DLC and mods that release with this game.

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  1. It would be really Funny to have a saitama mod that not only modfies the skin but also make it OP and defeat everyone with only one punch

  2. I didn’t even know Fajar had a grab attack. I’m still seeing new things from him out of all the bosses lmao.

  3. Good shieeet! im sure theres a bruce lee mod right? All thats needed now is a Chuck Norris one 👌👌
    Devs should defo do this for the game, but are u making these mods?
    If u do, make one where Every enemy is a super saiyan Mini-Boss, would be awesome as!

  4. Thug: hay boss you know the sifu you killed.

    Final boss: ya

    Thug: it was John wicks sifu.

    Final boss:……. oh

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