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My Favourite Builds of ALL TIME in Path of Exile!

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Zizaran talks about his favourite Path of Exile builds in the entire history of the game. This video puts into perspective how much …


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  1. This video is one hell of a throwback.
    Let us know what your favourite builds are, we're excited to read about them!

  2. My favorite is probably either aura stacking carrion golems from before the mana reservation changes, or the vd/dd slinger I played in 3.16, which had a damage of "yes" and a visual clarity of "no."

  3. You playing Vaal Spark was my intro to the clear speed meta. Basically my intro to what the game could be.

  4. int stack really isn't expensive
    sure you can spend xxx exalts if you want, like any build
    but really all you need to make it work is an imbued wand with the mod which is like 20c and then 2c rares with 50intel

  5. I still miss the original rainbownuke build. Pretty much the build that really got me hooked on the game back in the day.

  6. I remember so long ago watching you stream dried lake farming when I myself was doing the same trying hardcore out finally. What a peaceful memory – Great video Ziz!

  7. hhmmm. good to know that you posted this , im using a power siphon build and was shocked when it came first up on your list, my build has near 1500 int, but for some reason the boss damage is totally garbage, can anybody help me understand this? im really perplexed

  8. I've been gutted over the state of stationary channels like blade flurry and storm burst. I love playing them but there's just no GGG love and zero MTX.

  9. Animate weapon was my favorite build. I am really hoping Chains of command becomes more usable in the future

  10. Ziggys assreacher there was just smth about all those slow moving Tornado shots proj which felt so satisfying

  11. Probably you miss those builds mainly because we also miss the leagues we made them, when the game wasnt as bad as it is nowadays.

  12. No matter how people shit on the molten strike jugg, I still play it and love it. Started with a build I found during 3.6 and adapted it overtime.

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