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My journey begins… – Elden Ring [1]

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Thanks for checking in! I’m playing Elden Ring on the Xbox Series X!

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  1. Just realized I've been watching your videos for like a year+ and some how hadn't subscribed. Sorry bout that. Fixed it.

  2. I just subscribed. I don't do a lot of subscribing, but your gameplay is honest and your enthusiasm is refreshing. Your Skyrim playthroughs led me here. I watch Gopher and Slack for Skyrim mostly, but for different reasons (story-craft and technical help, respectively). I am entertained. You're good at this.

  3. i've check a few different elden ring let's plays after watching Gab, but none was better than Gab ~~

  4. its always so painful watching women dorks play this game…most are not too aware or have lousy perception of the area. dont rush in a fight, look and plan your attack. Morons.

  5. Can someone tell me, is Godwyn in Dark Souls or not? I am new to Fromsoft games and I would like to know some lore.

  6. Watching your reactions to this game is priceless. I'm probably going to watch all your videos on it. Thanks for the great entertainment. I need to catch up to where you are in my game before I watch the next one! Wish me luck!

  7. finally someone playing with a mage focus. Excited to watch your gameplay. all the homies play as warriors

  8. You're so good at this, I died a million times already and it took me hours and hours over couple of days to get to where you're at currently 🙂 And its a pleasure to watch/listen to your stream. Very well setup, voices, music and effects levels nicely balanced. And you are so cute and fun 🙂 Just watching you play teaches me a lot about dodging, fighting and mechanics in general.

  9. Hey pretty lady… i'm very impressed at your skills… i tried this game and i'm really bad at it.. gonna use this as a guide and use magic, thank you.

  10. i genuinely love how jack is just constantly "AHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAH! HOLY SHIT!"
    meanwhile youre just "hey guys time for a new series of wholesome and calm laughter with gameplay and funny stories" truely the yin to his yang and its great

  11. POV: You are in a long-distance relationship and your boyfriend loves this game, so you find a let's play so you too can get familiar with it <3

  12. I couldn't remember which episode I was on… so I just restarted. Which is easy for a Gab Smolders series.

  13. Anyone else come here not just for fer usual mature-yet-kiddy personality but also for her detective skills? Like from what I've seen, she's pretty good at sussing things out before they happen based on clues found!😳 I find she and Sean have that in common!

  14. If anyone wants to try a pure magic build in elden ring, it's totally viable!! Here's some tips:

    You want to have more charges for fp flasks, since your job as a mage will stay until you run out of magic, so keeping it up for as long as possible will be the best case scenario for you.

    Spec more into INT, Mind and Endurance first! Since as a squishy lil mage you want to avoid close combat as much as possible, lots of stamina to run away, lots of fp to keep casting and lots of magic power to make your hits count will be the best for this kind of playstyle. I would say a couple of points into vigor so you don't die to every one hit but that's it.

    Stay on horseback if you can! A decent number of bosses and enemies out in the field can be tackled on horseback, which allows you to move fast away from them and hit them from afar with your magic pew pews. It can be a bit finicky at first since with the default spell you have to slow down to cast, but once you get the Swift Glintstone Shard (or similar spells that lets you cast without stopping) you'll be unstoppable on horseback. I tackled so many mounted battles like that, it was so fun.

    I know this would be a whole month too late, but I'm now in mid game doing this build (exploring the heck outta elden ring) and I'm having a blast with it. Hope any new viewers stumbling into an old video would be helped with some of these tips for mage! Now go forth and pew pew

  15. the camera blocks a good chunk of the screen so when going into leveling, looking at items, etc… it is very annoying… maybe in future games find a better place for it

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