PlayStation Not Following Xbox's Game Pass Model, Believes Quality of PS5 Games Would Be Lowered

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Today we are going over what PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan had to say about why they are not following Xbox’s Game Pass subscription model and why they aren’t going to release PS5 exclusives day and date into Ps Plus.

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  1. So what do you think about Sony's answers and approach when it comes to the future of PlayStation? Do you think they have it right or do you think they are wrong?

  2. I won’t be doing Sonys version of gamepass…..only really interested in aaa quality titles

  3. I always watch your videos at 1.25x and now when I heard at 1x after a very long time it sounds weird 😶

  4. Sony is basically limping whilst Microsoft Xbox is sprinting! lol, Sony can't keep up with the change of the game industry

  5. For those that are against what he's saying are simply ignorant of simple math and number$. The difference of Xbox and PlayStation is Sony actually makes money/profits from playstation while MS always has throw money at Xbox. The only reason why that model exists is because MS has deep pockets and they can handle this for years on end in hopes of it being profitable/successful in the future. Going by the subs they have now, is no way enough to call it that anyways.

  6. Thinking recently about ps plus, the amount of ip spanning ps1, ps2, ps3 and psp that Sony have under their belt is immense. I really hope they’ll bring some back in the near future. I’m happy playstation is keeping quality at the forefront, and I’m sure most people are too. Either way, the service isn’t for me. I buy physical games and I always will. That being said, I think having 740 games from 5 generations of consoles in ps plus will keep gamers occupied for an extremely long time.

  7. Hilarious how Nostalgia Box player’s have waited years and years for high quality games and they still support garbage because there saving $. Like a bunch of McDonalds customers laughing at people eating at a Steakhouse saying can you believe there paying more than $3 for a meal. I used to play on Nostalgia Box but got sick of having no games, glad I switched to quality

  8. Weak response. I hope game subscriptions blow up and I hope Sony goes into bankruptcy. When they are filling out their bankruptcy paper work, I hope they realize why they fell from the top. The combination of cash grab micro transactions, 70 dollar price increase for games, lack of backward compatibility, and just out right money>consumers attitude. If you use Microsoft as an example, they have 25 million subscribers on gamepass, assuming NO ONE has ultimate and only pay 9.99 a month, thats still 250 million dollars a month. God of War cost 150 million to make. I dont care about day one. But don't straight up lie to us

  9. Come one let's be real. The real reason is greed. We all know sony first party games sell like real estate unlike xbox first party games, which were declining rapidly. Xbox first party games just don't hold the same prestige as sony and nintendo. It would be a huge money loss for sony to give it out free day 1 on PS Plus. It's the same reason Bandai Namco put Scarlet Nexus day 1 on gamepass, but not Tales of Arise and Elden Ring because they damn well know those 2 are going to sell way better than Scarlet Nexus and they would lose out money if they put them on gamepass day 1.

  10. I have to agree with Jim on the whole gamepass competitor topic. Gamepass only barely keeps xbox above water and Microsoft isn't making a profit. 69 billion for Activision and xbox only generated 16.8 billion in revenue last year. Phil Spencer himself keeps saying gamepass is "sustainable." Sustainable and profitable aren't the same and playstation knows that.

  11. I think it's also worth noting that the goal behind gamepass is for xbox to get a foothold on the mobile market with cloudgaming. Phil mentioned that last year in an interview where he also stated that they don't view playstation as a main competitor anymore. Rather Google stadia and Amazon Luna which makes no sense to me.

    I honestly don't see mobile cloud gaming becoming as big as Microsoft is anticipating either. The games made by playstation and xbox aren't exactly designed to be played on a mobile device. For example Horizon Forbidden West which is a large open world game, or even Halo Infinite where things happen fast. Now try playing them on a 5-6 inch smartphone or 10-11 inch tablet. It can be streamed via cloud yes, but I guarantee the experience won't be as enjoyable as on a larger monitor/TV where you properly see all that's going on in the game. I also think that's why playstation knows that a service like that wouldn't work. It hasn't been working for Xbox for the past 4-5 years since they launched gamepass.

  12. We all knew they weren't doing that but the truth is that there is more to it and Ryan will never admit it. But we all know that Xbox doesn't have to be profitable because they have Microsoft money. Sony doesn't have the same pockets and they need PlayStation to be profitable. So they can say it's about quality but the real reason is that they don't have the money to compete with Microsoft. To be fair I think only Apple or Amazon and maybe Tesla are the only ones. I will wait to see the classic games they offer before i subscribe. If they don't offer something i can for like Pursuit Force. I will just continue to stay off Plus and play the single player exclusives.

  13. Still im not going to pay anything extra for games new or older, im paying for Plus and Now and thats enough. You cant have it both ways Jimbo.

  14. Let's be real the only people that have a problem with this is the Xbox community. Hate they can't say, see there told you Playstation was copying Microsoft. It's the furthest thing from the truth!

  15. Hey maybe Sony could put all of their first party exclusives into the service day one and we could get such polished free to play experiences like halo infinite because everybody’s so happy with the direction it went. Don’t you just want all of your games to be that good…. No Thanks

  16. Having Day One games on new PsPLUS it was one of my biggest fears. I don't like that idea at all.

    When Microsoft did announced Day One for GamePass i did thought back in that time: "so what's going to be the Side effect for that move?". I knew it would have some kind of impact, so what did happened since then?. Microsoft got slower paced on their delivery, more focus on Multiplayer and the majority of their games became Low Budget productions.

    If Microsoft which is an Trillionary Company couldn't keep with same development pace, delivery more Singleplayer games and sustain high budget productions for the majority of their games so how Sony, which have way less money to spend with, would do it?.

    If we are going to have a Side Effect for it like Microsoft First Parties had so i prefer not having Day One and play multiple High Budget AAA games every single year which are Masterpieces. What makes me a bit disappointed about the New PsPLUS is that Sony should be included Crunchroll on it, so i hope they do in the future.

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