Destiny 2

REACTING to "Destiny 2 ViDoc: Light in the Darkness" *NEW GAMEPLAY & INFO*

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FrostBolt Reacts to “Destiny 2 ViDoc: Light in the Darkness” NEW GAMEPLAY & INFO

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  1. Try to see that same video in Spanish iFrostbolt so you could understand some more language:)

  2. So frostbolt is doing reaction videos now instead of the typical easy casual trials flawless run with a stacked team. Hmmmmm shit must slow in Destiny right now.

  3. The Destiny camaign always quickly gets ruined queststeps inbetween and having to talk to everyone. Just let me play on in one go and not go back to the EDZ after 10 minutea to find some hidden crap. And its sometimes unclear what quest the story even is.

  4. I guess react Andy's are meta my feed is all the destiny content creators reacting to a trailer and breaking it down

  5. Saw some broken things on two classes, and the other didn’t look as impactful. Gotta see it all in action before I judge, but I’ll let y’all figure out what class appears to be shafted.

  6. Hey Frost, just wondering if you could introduce more PvE content on your channel for when Witch Queen drops? Love ur content. ❤️

  7. They need to make a game mode, that you have to crush the other player ghost to prevent them to respwning

  8. I am incredibly excited, but I hope they make some use of the money they just got from that Sony deal to get us some dedicated servers, so we do not have all of the lag issues we're currently having in the game due to crossplay.

  9. honestly, i see people either already complaining about void 3.0 because their hunter main didn't get much of a spotlight and here i am thinking that everyone is getting a rework and i have no info on what hunters get. The fact I don't have any preview on what hunters can do scares me because I have no idea what to expect, especially since warlocks and titans have such drastic changes.

    Instead of saying "hunters are getting screwed over" yall try to think on what hunters will get out of this. I'm hyped but cautious. I can only hope they don't screw it up.

  10. Destiny 2 Sandbox team has to be looking at the rest of the Bungie developers like “Really? C’mon Man!”

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