Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 All Executions & Takedowns (Completed) | Finisher Combos | 4K

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Red Dead Redemption 2 All Executions & Takedowns (Completed) | Finisher Combos | 4K If you liked this video, please don’t …


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  1. Edit: I can't believe! This video has reached 100k views😱
    Thank you all for your support❤️


    0:00: Intro
    0:07: Unarmed
    2:24: Revolvers/Pistols
    3:53: Repeaters/Rifles/Shotguns
    4:57: Bow
    5:13: Knife
    6:49: Cleaver/Hatchets
    7:12: Machetes
    7:52: Hammer (Red Dead Online)
    8:05: Outro

  2. Who better to do on then Michael bell the thieving rat himself feels almost right watching this after all the things he did

  3. Dude can you please stop saying you don’t know how you did all of these executions/finishers. You can at least tell us what you were pressing when they happened. I’m glad you made a video showing them off but it’d be really good to know exactly how to pull them off, or guess as much as you can. The way it is now it really doesn’t matter if we see them or not since we literally don’t know how to do them.

  4. This is the fucking best universe game ever , the combat is so real , you can beat up the enemy on table , or on a wall , and i didnt know you also can do that with saloon table , man , the is so awesome , every new thing i know about these game , keeps me love these game

  5. can someone explain how did he put micah up against the wall at the first minute of the video?

  6. Can we appreciate the fact that less 1k subscribers YouTubers are more originals that 10 millions subscribers YouTubers ?

  7. I love the one when your in a bar, it’s uncommon or rare but you can throw someone out the window however most times you just bash their head against it

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