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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team / Pack Opening / Road To Glory (Sync to glory) video from Twosync
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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team covered by Twosync daily videos. We cover:

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Chris and Mat, what a brew, crackin plurs



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  1. Yeah, I got red son from 14 win finish and he went straight into the mbappe potm sbc lol. Didn't even make my bench… Totw is pure fodder now minus an mbappe/neymar

  2. I actually packed prime Gullit in one of the prime icon packs.. all my others were awful as well, it was worth the wait

  3. Stopping watching now. You give it away in the title if it’s gonna be good or not. You literally said last year in a video your gonna stop doing that then the next video was “4m coin icon packed! OMG!!!!!”

  4. First time being here since fifa 15, got your video in recommended, good to see you guys still upload👍

  5. Chris please tell matt to stfu. He’s complaining every video now and I am even considering stop watching.

  6. I packed headliners fofana from 7.5 and I got Carlos Alberto from rare electrum

  7. As Gamechangers, you both should be highlighting on a daily basis to EA, the complete bullshit that happens within this gameplay. Otherwise we will still have the same nonsense next FIFA

  8. I got varane when he was at 300k and kante from a preview pack at 200k, prime maldini from a prime icon pack and mid pele from mid or prime pick, toty Donnaruma and red Marquinhos when I gave the wins away (1 of 3)

  9. untradeable totyn rudiger and untradeable fut fantasy gelson martins🥴 cant lie best players non value ive packed has been winter wildcard collins the german cb. hands down the best cb ive used on the game, wouldve never tried him if i didnt pack him

  10. my best pack pull must be either red neymar in a red 86+ pp, Bellingham in a 84+ pp or Prime Roberto Carlos in an icon pack😅

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