Destiny 2


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Something stirs in the darkness…or in this case, the light…ness? It’s the Lightblade full strike.


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  1. Love how they used the hive with the light as an excuse to bring back my personal favorite strike hive boss

  2. Love how they used the hive with the light as an excuse to bring back my personal favorite strike hive boss

  3. I played this for the first time yesterday, and the 2 randoms with me all got stuck halfway through. We couldn't figure out how to ride the ferry. We thought it glitched. But the random pulled up a video apparently and figured it out. I have missed the unknown about this game and trying to figure things out. it's been a long time since I was happy with this game!

  4. Missed opportunity to have him have hammer titan abilities tbh. Imagine him rocking the spinny slam hammer!

  5. Hey heads up in the boss room left of the statue of taken king and the worm there's a giant cup in the corner u can go behind it and re over as adds and boss won't attack while your there

  6. Y'know i joked under the launch trailer saying what if we had a sun-filled cell strike rather than the sunless cell from taken king. Missed opportunity there 😂

  7. Ironic that he was a Rival to Oryx…only to be resurrected and guard a temple dedicated to Oryx

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