Elder Ring

THIS ELDEN RING BOSS isn't even fun to play against

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  1. Love your vids but man you just made me realize how trash I am at the game me over here lv 140 vibing around the map and doing side quest…I have only killed 3 bosses man I gotta stop getting sidetracked

  2. fightingcowboy has some good information in his build videos about the soft caps if you're confused as to where they are, as far as I remember, vig is 60, and the main damage stats like strength and faith go up to 80

  3. Maliketh was easily the hardest fight in the game for me on my strength melee build. Used the darkmoon great sword +8 no summons no spells. Took me 26 hours to finally put him down for the first time, however, I can kill him in about 2-3 tries now because of how I faced his move set is, he is just too fast for the recovery of a lot of strength weapons

  4. Bruh when he kept healing at the beginning of the godskin duo fight and kept getting hit by the fireball I burst out laughing.

  5. Jev: I’m gonna pop a Blood Vessel I need to Calm Down-

    Also Jev: That Was One of the Fights I feared, Wasn’t That Bad-

  6. "I'm gonna pop a bloodvessel, I am not a teenager anymore". This quote ragecomment is describing me and I don't like it.

  7. I’m doing a str run now but between the mage and dex, mage is easier maybe because I’m already used to dodging, and str so far is the most satisfying

  8. I’m still stuck on that fucking boss I hate maliketh so much I use a similar build just with Radahns swords

  9. what the fuck is this? back in the day Faze was a Cod clan with respect and reverence I don't even know this kid, times are sad I want it all back

  10. Agro changes not from only attacks like previous games it’s a little smarter in elden ring where just your presence of being nearby can cause a change in agro

  11. i’ve been watching you for about 8 years now, i have never seen you enjoy a game as much as elden ring. keep it up❤️

  12. Bosses change targets when you heal or are about to attack, that’s why sometimes they come at you instantly so they can intervene

  13. I am watching this, not even close to this point, and cannot fathom how in the f I am going to beat that thing….fml

  14. How is it that I always pick the most hated bosses as my favorite? In ds3 I love Pontiff Sulyvahn my friends and a lot of people absolutely hate him. In elden ring I love Maliketh then again my friends and others absolutely despize him as well, da fuck?

  15. I pretty sure bosses Agro to you mid fight even when they’re fighting summons.That shit happens all the time and it’s infuriating asf.I back up right,he fights the summons,the second I go to heal he throws some shit at me .Every time,even if he was just fighting the summons,I kid you not it’s literally the second you click the button

  16. I’m actually so glad jev is playing what he wants to and is having fun! I can hear life in his voice again! Love you brother keep it up!

  17. Someone needs to make a mod that makes you godlike as you progress, and have intense battles with bosses

  18. Souls/borne players watching like… First time? Glad you are enjoying the game though!!! NG+ will be much more easier for you 🙂

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