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TOP 16 Upcoming Most Anticipated Games Will Release Until the End of 2022 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC

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Top Upcoming Amazing Games Will Release Until The End of 2022 – New Amazing Upcoming Games 2022 & Beyond May Surprise You – Best Upcoming Games 2022 – Most Anticipated Games 2022

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  1. I lost interest in this guy when he was disappointed the harrypotter game wasn’t multiplayer 🙄🙄🙄 are you serious

  2. elden ring, forbidden west, gt7, wonderlands, witch queen. does anything else really need to come out this year? nope!

  3. For the new Nintendo switch 2 4k and the Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 a new Nintendo switch online virtual console services for Nintendo direct n 2022 and n 2023 I want on the Nintendo switch and the Nintendo switch 2 4k and Nintendo switch OLED and the switch online virtual console games services I want is original game boy GBA GBC Sega wii wii u Ds SNES NES N64 and game cube and the Nintendo switch and Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch 2 4k games I want is Sentinels Aegis Rim 2 Pokémon remakes Nintendo land remake ducktails remake Nintendo switch sports 2 Pokémon space Pokémon time Pokémon multiverse Hogwarts legacy and Hogwarts legacy 2 POKEMON lets go JOHTO and a new 3DS Gravity Falls game remake Dragon ball super GT KAKAROT and a new Yoshi game Ben10 game GTA5 game Dragon ball XENOVERSE3 game and a GTA6 switch game SPONGEBOB square pants the movie remake SPONGEBOB Square pants revenge of the Flying Dutchman remake NICKTOONS unite remake Ed EDD n EDDY the miss ED adventures remake Super smash bros ultimate 2 kids next door operation video game remake the Simpsons hit and run 2 Family guy back to the multiverse 2 or a remake Pokémon XD 2 and Pokémon Colosseum 2 or a remake Dragon ball Universe and Kirby dream land 4 Pokémon universe Zelda breath of the wild 2 the Expansion Super Mario odyssey 2 Lego Batman 2 the video game Sponge bob square pants battle for bikini bottom 2 remake street fighter alpha 2 remake street fighter alpha remake Splat toon3 Metroid prime 4 Pick men4 Super Mario galaxy 2 remake new Pokémon Snap 2 Pokémon master collection a new Donkey Kong game a new fire emblem game a new Mario kart 9 remake game Super Mario all stars 2 super smash kart donkey Kong odyssey and viva viva Piñata game Kirby classic collection Dragon ball fusion 2 Lego super Mario world Banjo Kazooie Loco motive Crash bandicoot super Pokémon maker Nintendo land remake dragon ball legends star fox KAO the Kangaroo new Harry Potter games remake for the Nintendo Nintendo switch Nintendo switch OLED and Nintendo switch pro I hope we get is the return of online virtual console games services on the new Nintendo switch OLED Nintendo switch Nintendo switch 2 and Nintendo switch pro with a theme shop Bluetooth Mii plaza Mii verse street pass and themes and folders and the online virtual console games services for Gameboy I want is Pokémon emerald Pokémon Leaf green Pokémon Fire Red Pokémon Ruby Pokémon Sapphire Pokémon gold Pokémon crystal Pokémon silver Pokémon red blue yellow and the Simpsons Mario fairly odd parents Ed Edd and Eddy jaw breakers kids next door operation soda Metroid 2 balloon kid Pokémon TCG Pokémon pinball and Kirby Dream land and Kirby Dream land 2 Super Mario world 2 6 golden coins the Simpsons Wario land Zelda links Awakening Tetris tiny toons adventures baba’s big break looney toons TAZ mania mega man duck tales for the game boy online for Nintendo switch n 2022 and I want for a new services to put on is original game boy GBA GBC and GameCube for the new switch virtual console games services and I hope the switch pro will cost like $400 or $450 for the Nintendo switch 2 and I hope the Nintendo company brings back the virtual console on the Nintendo switch and I also want the return of switch themes folders and the return of the virtual console games for the new Nintendo switch 2 n 2022 or n 2023 for return of the virtual console games and I hope the Nintendo switch will last around 10 to 15 years

  4. I’m really looking forward to Gotham Knights & I’m hoping it’ll get a sequel. Another is Forspoken. I’m really excited 😆 4 both!!!

  5. Looking forward for some of the titles and news on Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 among others.

  6. Can you stop placing emphasis on every single word at different volumes!? It's so irritating to hear. Just speak normal

  7. Is Stalker 2 still coming out on December 8th though? Does anybody even know the status of the developers? Aren’t they fighting?

  8. Pretty sure you had a stroke while writing the title and it doesn't match the title card of the video either

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