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Watch this Before Starting New Game Plus Elden Ring or You Will Regret It

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Watch this Before Starting New Game Plus Elden Ring or You Will Regret It ▻Consider Donating: …


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  1. So after i beat the elden boss can i still pick an ending and continue my normal adventure or will picking an ending force me into ng+?

  2. what to do if im refused to start a ng? i thought thats gonna be a full new world and im will lose everything and refused.

  3. Will all NPC’s be revived? I killed Yura and I really want his ash of war, so I’m hoping he’s alive in my NG+

  4. Do you keep regular runes? I have a bunch of runes that are probably worth millions of souls currently

  5. Is there anywhere to turn in prayer books after beating the final boss? I have 3 and don’t want to lose them but can’t find anyone alive to turn them in.

  6. Good Video, i would also recommend 3 things before you go NG+:
    1:Get all Limited Items (Ancient Smithing stones for +25/+10) and mby some more Tears since those exist only 8-10 Times

    2: Maybe kill most NPC if u done Quests for them, since they could drop a rare/cool Armor set
    For example: Patches, he will disappear at the end, and if u kill him before that u get his Leather Armor set

    3: Make a List what things u want to get in NP+ since some Quests/Invaders will stop if u kill the Main Boss in that Area
    For example: Volcano Snake Boss, if u kill him before u end the quest line for some NPC there, they will disappear

  7. You have to fight the first two main bosses to enter the capital. I had the same issue because I left a legendary armament for the platinum trophy 🏆

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