Xbox Game Pass: A New Tier is Coming

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Xbox Game Pass will be getting a new tier later this year and we may see more changes to Xbox Live Gold too.

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  1. I got rid of my yearly xbl subscription because it stopped being a value to me. GWG have been terrible for years. I’m really burnt out on monthly subscriptions.

  2. The family plan is everything I've been asking for.
    I have a lot of kids and I'm planning on a series s heavy household in near future.

  3. Gamepass Ultimate, as it pays for Gold plus Gamepass ultimate. You save five bucks a month as opposed to paying for both!

  4. Forget all you kow about Xbox and stupid shooters many of us new are there just because of promise of third person single player storydriven adventures and RPGs with realistic next gen visuals cutscenes and straight romances as is Starfield, Fable, new Elder Scrolls, Indiana Jones and such from day one in Ultimate Gamepass we payed for two years ahead. We are not interested in stupid first person shooters and multiplayer, never. Third person single player storydriven adventures and RPGs only Forza are ok but Halo and Call of Duty are joke vs good third person RPGs even if they must cost 100usd just make good smart long third person single player storydriven adventures and RPGs

  5. We currently have 1 GPU sub accessed by 4 people across 2 consoles and a PC. As long as we can continue doing this, I don't mind if they also add a family deal for those that need it.

  6. The real treasure was the family we pretended have along the way in order to divide the cost of a subscription service.

  7. I'm on Ultimate. I don't really play games on my PC but I purchased Ultimate when it first was released like most others did and got as much as I could. But I've run out but I use Rewards to make enough points to buy UGP using that feature so it hasn't cost me anything since, just 5 min in the morning to do the Rewards thing a day.
    I'm not sure what they'd do. I don't need a family pass but I'm sure there are plenty families out there that do.
    So we'll have to see what MS decide. If it really is on the nose, we can always as a consumer reject it (you know, like we did with the cost changes they tried to push onto us a year or two ago and we know that they will at least listen to our gripe.
    Let's just wait and see shall we.

  8. I bought my xbox through xbox all access and I'm paying over 2 years, so I don't see the price going up until they stop all access.
    So all this talk of needing a price hike is just click bate.
    Microsoft can lose money on this for years if it makes them the market leader.
    And before you say gamepass will lower the standard of games, I don't see anyone saying the same about movie/TV subscription services, if anything it has made more competition for your money and everyone is winning, as Netflix, Disney and all the other subscription services are making their own exclusive shows to keep you on their service.

  9. Ultimate is the way to go. You can get it discounted quite often (just look around). I keep my membership at the three year prepaid mark in case they double the price, then I'm set still.

  10. Here's the thing. I share Game Pass Ultimate with my brother by making his Xbox my home Xbox and I have the Microsoft store on his laptop signed in on my account. My friend does it with his brother on Game Pass for PC doing the same Microsoft Store trick. Unless you have specifically 5 or more Xboxes (not even just PCs) in your family then it will not be better value to get a family subscription than just 1 or two ultimate subscriptions that is unless you really like cloud streaming in which case you can only have 1 account using one subscription.

  11. What I would do is, create a base tier to gamepass for the same price as xbox gold (or maybe one or two more dollars) and give access to online play, and allow to download and play only four or five xbox game studios games (say: halo, forza, call of duty, elder scrolls online & gears), keep all the free-to-play games free, and get rid of games with gold. Then migrate all xbox gold to this new tear and sunset gold for good.

  12. I play offline games like bethesda games on xbox series, but I play Codm on my phone when it comes to playing online! $.00 for me

  13. I don't understand, $10 for Gold, $10 for base GamePass. Just make all Gold, GamePass. Same price, why the issue?

  14. 100 million active xbox live gold members.. 25 million game pass members.. Microsoft doesn't have to do anything.. Sony can't touch them.

  15. I have 3 xbox in my house. Xbox X xbox S xbox one X. We all play different games online and off at the same time.. Just set the main account xbox to HOME. Not a problem..we log in with our own account name all saved games awards work individually. I don't understand what family account will add we can't do now?

  16. Will they bring the Activision XBOX OG, 360 and XBOX ONE GAMES to the backwards compatible list???

  17. I've had Game Pass Ultimate since it began since the conversion deal was ridiculous. I have been adding time to it with Microsoft Rewards since. So except for the amazing deal of "topping off" Gold before "converting" to Game Pass Ultimate, I've paid nothing for Game Pass since. My suspicion is with what is being reported, Rewards could see a restructuring (essentially a devaluation) so as we speak I'm off to add another 3 months to game pass with my rewards points.

  18. Raising GP base to $15 to be the only way to include Gold would be a dumbass idea. First Gold is an archaic service. PC doesn't have that requirement; mobile games don't have such a requirement. Only console gamers have it. MS should NOT be thinking about how they can integrate the expense of Gold everywhere in GP and in turn capitalize on a service that long ago has seen its value diminish. Rather MS should be thinking of how to get rid of pay for online Gold service and create a new modern service in its place; a service that better reflects this play anywhere direction MS are attempting within gaming. (see below) That is if Xbox really wants to be a play anywhere platform. You want to see a great uptick in Game Pass subs, drop Gold and watch people move to Xbox for GP and see console sales rise. Secondly such a change makes Gold a requirement when it should be an option for GP. And right now, it is an option. You can buy a tier with Gold included (Ultimate at $15), and one without Gold (GP base). And Brad, believe ir or not most people do not sub to Gold. It is 46% to 48% of Xbox owners that buy into Gold. This holds true for PS+ for Sony as well (at 42% means even less subs for PS+). Last time I checked 48% is not a majority of Xbox owners as you state. And raising GP base to $15 means raising GPU prices (which includes Gold). Believe it or not, pricing elasticity and trying to grow the service will both be severely tested if they try to raise the pricing and reconfigure what a GP base is. Especially when your competitor is providing a tier that with PS+ with downloadable catalog for the same price as the current GP base. And yes, GP has day and date but believe me that selling point is not as strong of selling point as you would think for casuals This especially true with so much that is not included in GP that casuals play. And if if MS is really interested in getting the masses into GP ecosystem (consoles, PC, and streaming endpoints) Gold needs to go the way of the doh-doh. Those billions of people MS/Xbox is trying to sell to are going to wonder why they have to pay for Gold when they don't own a console and why PC gamers playing the same games do not. Furthermore, how is MS going to explain why PC Game Pass is only $10 and Xbox Game Pass becomes $15. Or would Xbox be so foolish as to raise PC GP to $15 too? Again, it just shows what a dumb ass idea it would be. Console gamers are already growing increasingly disgusted by the rules for thee and not PC that MS follows. Currently for me Gold is like Netflix charging me an extra fee for my own internet because I use a LG Oled TV watching Netflix and not charge my brother the fee if because he uses use his PC to watch. Even Sony (not known to be the most consumer friendly when it comes to prying extra money from their customers) hasn't taken this route.

    What MS needs to do is drop Gold completely. Then in this play anywhere world MS needs to reexamine what that means to people who will not own a console or a PC to game. If Microsoft really believes there are billions of possible customers that means those people will want more than just GP to play. GP is only a slice of content. They will want to buy and play that content not in GP (or if game leaves the service they can still buy and play it). This type of service would benefit both console and PC gamers as well. In this scenario Gold goes away and MS creates a streaming service that allows people to stream the games they own. This would be similar to how GeForce Now works. $60/yr you can stream from the cloud the games you own. And because Gold is no longer a thing it is removed as a feature/selling point of Ultimate. And in turn MS includes this new service as feature in its place (but you don't need GP to buy into it.) It definitely makes more sense as a service in an ecosystem that isn't just about consoles any longer. I cannot reiterate it enough in this play anywhere world MS is trying to create it makes so little sense to have an archaic service like Gold and how much more sense it is to provide an (optional) stream your own library service.

  19. It needs to have the ability for the whole family to access the family leaders game titles and vise versa, and the solution to gold? Cut it off u have to, what does gold offer besides "some" store deals and online play gold was 360 days its old news, strip it and its already included in game pass and game pass ultimate and ultimate has EA Play, Game pass titles, and games with gold so😬

  20. I have 4 XBox's and i already use Game Pass on all of them. Sure i can't have 2 games open at the same time on 2 Xboxes but i can still atleast play on multiple consoles with one account. I sure hope they don't take that away or force us to buy a family plan.

  21. Been submitted a plan that offers GPU $15 + additional $1 per family member, but $20 for GamePass ultimate family I'll finally jump on!

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