How to Escape EVERY RANK! (Iron – Radiant Guide) [VALORANT] *2022*

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I hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know what you think in the comments! Twitch: Discord …


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  1. I’m iron and I come off csgo with 600+ hours and in valorant I play good and bad because someone is topfragging 34k and 2deaths so what’s the advice for Smurfs?

  2. i’m stuck in silver because the teams i get are.. don’t even know how to explain it. it’s like it’s there first time playing. I’m 20+ kills top frag while the rest of my team is going 2-18

  3. what if your aim is good, but team sometimes let you down, or smurfs join. im an iron player, playing in bronze-silverr lobbies

  4. the bronze players in my lobbies are simply not meant to be in this rank 💀 and neither am i but smurfs 😭

  5. SILVER : learn how to start using abilities and where to use them GOLD: Start looking map more use abilities for team advantages because gold players can die only 1 person so basically 1v4 and duelist is site plat just get position and patience Diamond Master abilities gamesense and make bad teammates good so basically trade a lot IMMORTAL: Play a LOT with team and don't solo across the map unless you got a plan or If you entry you have to have a plan with you'r team so if you die they Will insta trade you

  6. I was stuck in the lower ranks, didn't play much rank admittedly but just started playing ranked a lot and it was like a roller coaster from bronze to gold and back. I mostly filled and tried to communicate and work as a team and that shit worked some of the time but not always (obviously hence the rollercoaster) I finally decided that the only way to get out of lower ranks was to forget filling, strats and communication and just frag my way out with reyna. Since then, I insta lock reyna every game and don't even try to strategize. I just put my head down and frag and I have won like 50 games this act and only lost around 6. I think this is the key to escaping the lower ranks.

  7. there’s maybe like 5% of gold players that use their mics, very hard to play as a team when no one communicates

  8. ngl for bronze at least, your only like a quarter right. i have everything down and if im honest i should be gold. but the lack of communication and first time team mates makes it border line impossible to get out of bronze while solo queing. i dont have aim problems or knowledge problems because i consistently get high kill games like 30 and up. but some how lose in the long run due to my team mates going completely negative

  9. i realize now that this video was based and made for the general group of people in each rank but for anomalies and people who are only really good at one thing won't be able to benefit off this vid because what they need to work on is more personal

  10. I am Bronze 1 and I think I am pretty good at this game i just have bad teammates and solo all the time but and I know this cause I always get put in silver lobby’s most of them are silver 3 and shit

  11. I am a bronze who just started playing 3 weeks ago but am in all silver/gold lobbies. WTF DO I DO THESE MFS HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR MONTHS ADVICE PLZZZZ

  12. You know I always avoid video like this one bcuz I thing that ppl talk about in general how ranks work. And you are not wrong. All you say makes sense but in practice it is very random. After I got plat my game started to feel easier. I get the info and don't have to check everything cuz I have the info that there isn't anyone or is. That makes it a lot less stressful and fun. When I got plat I ranked up real fast, loosing only a few games and almost always my lobbies where p2-d1-d3. When I came to P3, lobbies almost every match where from d1-d3 to immortal1. That's where I felt like I don't often use my knowledge as I prob should. Only then I started to feel the "improvement".

    After being in gold for so long- when I got to plat I felt like the game was easier and I wouldn't say I had any improvement. I am trying to say that; if you want to learn how you should play to be able to play in higher ranks, you have to play with and against better players. And you can't do it if you are stuck in gold, you most likely won't improve. You just have to grind and grind in hope for getting lucky enough to win a few.

    I know it will sound like but let me tell you. I have a friend who did quit the game bcuz he was stuck in g3 hard. I know that kills doesn't tell the whole story but dude had 35-40 kills every game. He sat a month in gold. He would rank up sooner or later but it is rly annoying and I understand him. It does not always work when u have the right calms I understanding. You don't win on ur own. If teammates aren't doing well then what can you do?

    There are no rules. You are right but in reality you just have to learn, do your part of the job, help the team and at the end hope for the luck to win the game. <- that starts to make sense only on higher ranks like diamonds where even ppl do shit they understand what they did wrong.

  13. I am a bronze-silver player and iron 1 is completely different man people there only run and gun

  14. me who is stuck on unranked

    jokes asides im on silver i already master 3 agents and their ability and may game sense is good i think my only problem is my aim and crosshair placement

  15. The main reason for me to stuck at iron is **Smurfs**.
    Most of the players are same level as me but some smurfs come and destroy my gameplay.

  16. I reached s3 with 100-2000 ping, with, I see that as a big achuevement, then it was so fucking annoying and I fixed it.

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