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I Accidently Got The Hardest Triumph In Destiny

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I Accidently Got The Hardest Triumph In Destiny Twitch – Twitter – Discord …


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  1. hardest medal to win but got it without trying because of gally proves this games pay to win sadge man

  2. What’s up with the stupid faces in all your thumbnails? That stuffs cringe just remove the stupid faces and I’d watch more lmao

  3. Maximum Carnage is one of the hardest triumphs to achieve.. but tell me why I'm a main PvE player but I've gotten that triumph like 4 times

  4. "I CAN DO THIS NOW, I OWN A HOUSE" are just words of pure joy, and words a lot of us will never speak haha..ha, congrats dude and sweet vid <3

  5. 'I died to the wall from a boss stomp 3 times' Bro… WORST mechanic in this fuckin game. I absolutely hate how they can yeet you into a wall and kill you for no reason. Now when someone splatters you with a sparrow or eager edge sword… Then it's fuckin hillarious!

  6. Gotta love clickbait sweatcicle, any pve bob can get that triumph me and my new light underlings do tht daily lol

  7. Ur boogs will freeze in alaska so everyone in the cold wears masks anyway lulz nothing changed here with masks during the winter

  8. What dah hails wrong with red!? Its a color that instills fear in your enemies! Your high if you think it doesn't!

  9. Bro are you saying I have a one up on what I consider the best destiny player by being a cursebreaker by destroying all the eggs around the map let's go

  10. LMAO I got that triumph with silence and squall completely unintentionally too. It was 8. I silence and squall the 4th guy, it tracked into spawn and killed all 4 again. Its disgusting.

  11. Its so annoying that Galla just goes through the wall cause I am behind a structure and boom it gets me

  12. I can’t even say I deserved mine.

    Aim was hot garb and the enemy was oblivious as all hell.
    And still was able to get it cause stasis was broken.

  13. I missed seeing ember and flesh in the same video together lol they’re great energy to match sweat

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