Call Of Duty Warzone


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  1. nice one for zooming in when the guy jumps from the tower at around 1.46. Not sure what would of snapped harder, his ankles when he hit the ground or your "aIM AsSist" lol.

  2. The addition of the diamatti in rebirth has ruined it for me. I get beamed from someone dropping out the sky in 2 bursts? No shot. Warzone is dead.

  3. Isn’t it sad that it’s such a breath of fresh air when the death com of the guy you killed is actually not a complete A$$ Hat?

    Truly, I wish they would ban folks for popping off at everyone all the time. Ban them from speaking anyway.

    Sick match. Cheers

  4. I love your videos man been watching for a long time . But please get rid of the background music it’s not good .

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  6. Chat deserves an assist on that win for spamming heartbeat, that last guy's heartbeat right under you as zone pulled hehe

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