This Is An Absolutely Awful Take On The New PlayStation Plus Service

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  1. So Sony has 50 mil ps plus and ps now subscribers

    While Xbox has 25 mil for gamepass Xbox live

    Hmmm not even close
    I stick with a better service and better games
    With Sony… Xbox costumer service is horrible

  2. I don't really think Sony needs to try anything new at this point but if Starfield comes out and it's the best game ever and then perfect dark comes out and it blows people away and people start seeing Xbox putting that quality of a game in their service that's when I think Sony needs to re-evaluate the service they're trying to provide

  3. Idiots, what would that guy know about being a billion dollar company? You dont get on top by doing nothing, and you definitely wont stay there by doing nothing either… Spend money so you can make a ton more later, its called investing in your future, if you want a future anyway.

  4. Agree to disagree. Who freakin buy$ new Console$ to play old games!? $eriously.🤔🙆🤷‍♂️. Besides, xbone has yet to outsell a PS console in a respective Generation. Am waiting……..

  5. I agree with you Rich. While the manufacturing situation is stopping us getting a clear reflection of numbers of units shipped, I think its clear that Xbox are much closer to PlayStation than last gen. Which would suggest people are jumping ship from PS4 to a Series console. If you were winning by alot before, and you're winning by only a little today, wouldn't you worry you're going to be losing tomorrow?

  6. Bad take Rich I gotta say, Microsoft could one day prove their exclusives are on par with Playstation, but even if they do they won't care about how profitable it is because they have access to an unlimited amount of money.

  7. Gamepass to me is something that has me worried about games. While at the surface it seems great like Netflix was back in the day. it will be in a matter of time that it will become a logistical nightmare or way to many platform running at once with exclusive content on all of them. Just look at all the subscriptions services for movies that are out their with all of the having exclusive content. Then don't get me started with how this model might influence games to be even more services oriented and less unique. We just have to look at the last decade of games to see that happening and this wi just make the problem worst as now exept of competing in getting people to buy the game, they will compete with how to keep players from login of and moving into another game.. I just don't trust the gaming industry to handle this well at all.

  8. I will never understand brand loyalty when it comes to game consoles, I'm a gamer, not a fanboy. I own a xbox, playstation, nintendo and PC, everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. But what microsoft is doing with gamepass is awesome, I wish everybody else would get their act together.

  9. If they figured out how to stream PS3 games on the cloud they could have easily gotten the emulation to work locally. It's an obvious money grab, they don't want your old PS3 discs to work.


    Sony "Here's a knock off version of game pass, enjoy kiddo"

  11. I will most likely be upgrading my subscription because i think its worth the extra content. I'm sure there will be a bunch of games available i never got around to playing in the past. I honestly don't really care about first party exclusives on there. If I am interesting in the game I'm going to buy it anyway because I prefer my physical copies. So I would be spending the extra money regardless.

  12. What's with Rich and the 989 number, was 990 for a short wihle, probably's got something to do with chicken's…

  13. We definitely got a few games day one just having ps plus on ps5…. Gamepass is great (subscribed to both) but there is not as many games as ps now I don’t get the hype when PlayStation been doing psnow way before gamepass .. somebody hatin

  14. The bad part is Sony fans have no idea that they are the laughing stock of the gaming community. Every console is laughing at them

  15. Just Go ask Hollywood or blockbuster Videos about being on top and not paying attention to where markets are and are Going

  16. Here’s a solution. Make The Last of Us Remake and an optimized PS5 Last Of Us 2 ps+ ready and add maybe some Sony exclusive indie games as well

  17. OR…

    Sony perhaps can offer a discount on their exclusives day one with the sub service🤔

  18. Wow, what a short-sighted take… Let’s break down the numbers, shall we? 25 Mil subscribers paying $9.99 a month brings in nearly $25 Mil a month. Divide that by $59.99, and it’s the retail equivalent of selling over 4 million copies of a game.

    Here’s the kicker – you don’t see too many games selling 4 million copies on release… but you’re gonna get the revenue equivalent of that… EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. So does everyone see why Microsoft doesn’t care about how many copies of a game they happen to sell? They just want to pump up those subscription numbers, and with good reason. Even if they don’t sell a single copy of any of their games at retail or on the online Marketplace, they are getting $250 Mil a month – or more if numbers keep increasing. Given the numbers, I’m pretty sure the development of those Day One games are paying for themselves.

  19. With 25 million subs to Game Pass, that makes $250 to $375 Million per month! Think about that. Year over year That’s between $3 to $4.5 Billion per year…

    That’s ridiculous money. Sony may not have deep pockets like Microsoft, but I won’t pay the same money to Sony for an inferior service.

  20. If you think Sony fans are anywhere near as bad as Nintendo diehards, you are absolutely out of your mind. Those people will buy absolutely everything Nintendo offers without complaint. It’s infuriating.

  21. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Sony will do everything in their power to stay ahead of Microsoft. They know they can't get comfortable at the top.

  22. The children's book with the cookie monster taking all the cookie tree's cookies is a good book to start with in life.

  23. This actually makes a lot of sense considering how awful they are with their PS5 shortages. They clearly don't want to sell more this just proves how unconfident they are in their own selves.

  24. I'm just waiting for his view on Sony changing since the PS5 pro got announced with backwards compatibility with PS1 and ps2 games. Classic Richard

  25. that’s right dickers Great Laplace remember they wouldn’t be no review tech you were safe it wasn’t for XBOX👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽

  26. Just because you're on top now doesn't mean your way is perfect.
    And LOL at "whatever Naughty Dog is working on". OK, Miss Cleo.

  27. For all we know Sony could add first party titles a month or so after launch. Sony could add their smaller first party titles to the service day one.

  28. PlayStation Plus has 50 Million Subscriber's Vs 2 Million PlayStation Now user's. When the PlayStation Plus users upgrade things may change

  29. 25 million gamepass subs is anywhere between 3 (base) and 4.5 (ultimate) BILLION dollars a year. Thats a whole lot of money to invest in games and it's only getting bigger. They release one big first-party title every 3 months. Thats 4 a year. Not hard to do.

  30. The tier system is fine, stop over reacting. At least is not like the Nintendo expansion, which is horse dung.

  31. PS5 has still outsold Series X / S 2 to one so far and PS3 games are incompatible with PS5 due to its cell processor hence streaming only… You don't know what You're talking about! WHO SAYS BETHESDA AND ACTIVISION GAMES WILL BE ON GAMEPASS DAY N DATE? WE'LL SEE! 😂

  32. I love my PS5 but guess where I’m gonna be after I finish these exclusives? Back on my series x with my boys.

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