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  1. Yeah I'm still playing back for blood such an underrated title!!.. can't wait for the DLC it's so much fun.. I enjoy that they made it challenging and you have to actually know what you're doing not to trigger The Horde and work together as a team to beat the game on harder difficulties…and the builds you can make with the cards, some of the builds are incredible and amazing..I think it came out way better than I thought it would.. the PVP could be better but the normal game is amazing!! So much fun with a group of friends!! The vermintide games were amazing like that pretty sure dark tide will be another great hit!! The only one I didn't get a chance to get into was Rainbow Six extraction just have too many games to play in my backlog and that are out now so I skipped out on that one!!

  2. In Canada Sony is forcing customers that buy a PS5 to buy an extra controller and a game. You can't just buy the console. I went to Walmart and EB games and they claim they cannot sell the console alone.

    I won't be forced to buy what I don't want/need.

    Sony is a JOKE!!!!

  3. Yeah, I don't care about trophies at all and I don't think I've ever 100% completed a game I always complete the main storyline but I don't really care about all the little collectibles and shit like that.

  4. Give me a break with that sticker bullsh!t. They don’t care that scalpers are buying up all the console!!! To them there sold and they got there money. Do you honestly think they care what happens after that??? Give me a break!! If it was something they cared about they would come out with something a little better than a sticker!!!

  5. I called it slow start for Xbox at the start of the year a little simmer for the spring a little bit of heat for the summer and some big hitters to close out the year it's the same as last year lol

  6. Family plan sounds great. I have a brother who games as well. Soon we'll get gaming laptops and wondered if we should pay for 2 gamepass ultimate. Hopefully it'll be a great deal.

  7. How did Kurby beat out Elden Ring?

    From what I'm aware of.. The sales aren't even close.

    Elden Ring has done massive numbers.

  8. Darktide coming to gamepass is a massive win. I discovered Vermintide 2 on gamepass and played it all summer with my boy, ended up buying pretty much all the dlc(think it was nearly £100 in total, no regrets), loved that game. From what I understood Vermintide 2 done really well on gamepass both player base and dlc purchased, so I can see why darktide is coming to gp.

  9. guy, $50 to play the show 22 game early. that's better then paying $70 on Playstation, it's a no Brainer.

  10. I personally don't think achievements add fun but they are a nice daily 50 points for getting ganepass ultimate each month

  11. The answer is so easy and nobody seems to be getting it all Sony or Xbox have to do is email the people who’s got an account on the network send that person directly from Sony or Xbox the desired console and you slowly pay it off through your subscription service therefore scalpers never even get them

  12. Why does Game Pass announcing a family plan sound more news worthy and enticing than Sony announcing PS Now will be incorporated into PS Plus?

  13. They better not start these “bundles” when you already are paying a monthly fee lol. Not good for the consumer and hopefully something that doesn’t continue.

  14. I have 4 kids and my wife and I play video games so ide probably pay 200$ a year for something like that

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  16. Definitely looking forward to that so I'm not worry about four different descriptions every month just need to pay the one

  17. the family pass would only be a great deal if it's between 30-50% cheaper than buying them separately

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