Xbox Just Got BIG News – Undead Labs “Exposed,” Big Activision Update, & MORE!

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In one of our biggest news drops of the year for Xbox, all is not pretty for them. Undead Labs, yet another Xbox first party team, is having reported studio troubles. Just how bad have things got and what are the sources? We spend a lot of time going through all the details. On an equally negative note, Activision continues to be troublesome during the process of being purchased by Xbox, but one of their many headaches may fade in the form of a settlement.
Bethesda’s Big New Announcement:

Retro Rebound:

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  1. Honestly, what does Matt Booty do? Halo Infinite was WAY behind schedule, Rare allowed to commit years to a game that they don't know how its supposed to play, Initiative allowed to waste years of time, Playground still missing half of their fable team after 5 years of building and now undead looks to making little progress as well.

  2. Kotaku are a dead outlet. does anybody actually goto that website anymore? they're not journos, they're woke activists. so how do you know these guys that we re interviewed weren't just the company arseholes, cause you get that in every company where someone will just never be appeased by anything a company does. Joke journos, joke outlet! Even that woman bit, load of crap mate. Ota not even a believable statement. Probs a feminist woke activist

  3. Hey matty..i feel like you are depressed about something…i watch your video regularly but since last few videos the glow happiness is missing. Are you well

  4. U lost me at Kotaku… they say up, I go down. They point right, im running left. I have nothing but venom and distrust for them. Foh kotaku 💩
    If diversity n inclusion is the top priority over quality games then they are doomed. Sounds like they might be infested with sjw activists instead of creative game devs.

  5. Sounds like normal left wing Marxist complaints about any company. Diversity equity and inclusion… Eurgh

  6. Kotaku is a horrible website, I swear they only write hit pieces now. The bigger question should be what kind of an outlet only writes that kind of material? What kind of a workplace are they running? Can’t wait for someone to do an extensive hit piece on them as well. Undead Labs may not be perfect but I fell like they are trying to make a story when there is nothing there to say. I don’t normally comment on vids or write extensively online but Kotaku makes my blood boil. They are everything that is wrong with journalism and we need to start treating them that way.

  7. Lmao at "provided world class health care" when America is the only country that makes employers provide health care.

  8. So MS is damned either way? In one sentence people don’t want MS taking over, in another they want MS taking over. Also why is it outlets never do these type of hit pieces on Sony?

  9. Idk about the misogyny here… MeToo abuse kind of lost my faith in these allegations. Kotaku loved to push this cancel culture BS. So who knows…

  10. Have any of you actually played or seen the dev updates? No one is disappointed with the wait as a matter of fact read the comments on the resent dev talk.

    They have mentioned Microsoft wants this to be a triple A series and that they
    Trust completely in the company.

    The game has so many updates and fixes it puts brand new games to shame, SOD3 is being worked on while they still update SOD2 constantly.

    UndeadLabs looks fine, what exactly was exposed here other than the fact Kotaku exaggerated.?

  11. I can always tell from other's comments who has never led a team of people before. Leading people isn't an easy task and if you don't fail at some point you never learn anything. Not only is leading people difficult, but the more the number of people you lead grows, the difficulty also grows exponentially. When you go from leading 30 people to leading 150 people the challenges of leading grow along with the numbers. To immediately dismiss the growing pains of leadership as "toxic environment" shows a true lack of understanding. I think a lot of these news articles touting "toxic environment" are not only unfair to development teams but are often slanted to manipulate the facts…even the best articles are only one sided and never get the whole story.

  12. Some day people will learn you don't talk to the media. They are a herd of jackals looking for their next hit piece.

  13. For the Twitter share…I'll be honest. The placement of the share button is also an issue as I have accidentally hit the button way too many times. What they should have done was outline a decision to for instant and non-instant screen capture.

  14. I don’t trust anything Kotaku says. They are a joke. That being said, hope everything is okay at Undead Labs and every other studio. I feel like that goes without being said tho.

  15. Dude why are you just taking the word of the woman for it? All women do in these work spaces is whinge, moan, and slander people.

  16. The problem is in today's environment you can't tell a woman her works shit with her claiming misogyny. So guys are becoming afraid to give women legit criticism because thier in fear of losing their jobs or being "cancelled".

  17. I never trust executives, they ALWAYS look after themselves and care about profit and not staff or problems.

    Ubisoft, Ea and Activision/Blizzard being examples.

  18. Games journalism is the definition of a bad apple ruining the bunch.
    Keep IRL modern politics out of gaming (look at bioshock for an example of politics in gaming done right). Stop looking for drama when there is none, this way we can really handle and deal with bad actors when they appear.
    Imo, undeadlabs should remove the red solute popularized by BLM. It's political and offensive to those who know history and have eastern european/asian/specific south American roots.
    It is on par with the Roman salute and should not be in our games unless we are portraying them in its true context.

  19. Will you cover the reports about Moon Studio that dropped last week? That shit happening at that studio was downright evil, and I totally get why MS doesn’t work with them anymore.

  20. Matty's reviews sound a lot like hit pieces. Lulz His words, the 2 disgruntled employees while over looking the 98 percent. This is literally the narrative everyone uses these days though. It's that trigger happy troupe, shoot first ask questions later. Unfortunately nobody wants to ask questions later. They call it cancel culture, but really it's just a poor response to the unsettling reality that is.. nothing is actually perfect. It's sometimes far from it, and the desire to have everyone's voice be heard is part of american culture.

  21. Why is kotaku even a thing still? Who tf funds them? They're nothing but garbage activists

  22. Basically, Undead Labs are evolving and dealing with a very similar thing to an unknown young band getting noticed, getting bigger, being signed and are now in the tricky 'third album' phase. They're popular and have tons more money than they did, and lots of eyes are on them. They're a great team and have a fantastic dev/player of the best in the industry.
    SOD2 has had a huge amount of work put into it since its release, and masses of improvements. I hppe they stay positive, focused the forthcoming game.
    The above analogy only makes sense if you actually remember a time when people bought albums lol. I'm old.

  23. How did diversity become making the minority the majority? The word minority literally implies it’s a small group. There’s less of a hiring pool. But now businesses are shit on for not having representation of every type of minority group. Like logistically— how is that suppose to work? You’re no longer hiring people to do work— you’re hiring to uphold an image. It’s fucking weird. And probably near impossible.

  24. Undead will be just fine I'm sure. I do not take a word of these Kotaku fanatics serious. Their extreme woke point of view is already made up before ever talking to anyone. They go ask some very colored questions to fill up, cut and pase pieces in their stories where the answers might fit in their already written stories, so there is some form of legit source in there to make it look like they did some actual journalism. Journalism does not feed their politics, it informs. This platform should loose any form of support and credibility. watch Upper Echelons video about the sublime journalism of Kotaku.

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