Battlefield 2042 is almost finished

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Battlefield 2042’s 4.0 patch really feels more like a 0.75 patch – a scoreboard, HUD options, weapons attachment system reboot and balance changes are great… but feel like a post-beta period patch, not one that drops 6 months after the game is “done”.

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Battlefield 2042 is almost finished



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  1. now if we could just get a couple of maps that don't suck. and some new guns I might not get bored of it in an hour

  2. Just give it time.. they made this game during a pandemic .. I’ve been playing this patch and it’s been decent, especially hard core mode

  3. the most trash battlefield game the thing it never felt like a battlefield and is more like call of duty with vehicles and planes

  4. They screwed over the pkp lmg…took away single fire and increased the recoil on it to where it isn't worth using anymore..

  5. hard to see people still believing into this game, it really shows how much fans love Battlefield series …

  6. The vehicle physics is still wonky. Sundance gliding can still cause her to fall through the map. It's better but still not good.

    I don't think the expectations have been brutal. The expectations are inline with what they alluded to in the reveal trailers. DICE and EA just over-sold the game and we're blinded by their own bravado. You should be harsh on the devs. Someone should have said something internally, and I'm sure some people did, but it wasn't enough. I'm pretty sure many of them were engaged in circle jerking. That's why you need to be harsh and extremely critical of them so that they can learn from their mistakes, if they have the humility to recognize that. Let's see how long they commit to this game before dumping it like they did with BFV.

  7. Hey what would have been cool for the specialist is like idk maybe use previous story characters instead. Or like their pre assumed offspring with hints of their names. Like Irish from bf4 or pac something like that. But tbh I think it’s too late for 2042

  8. Reinstalled 2042 two days ago, played a couple of rounds. Immediately I noticed the mouse input feeling weird and ADS was wonky. Scoreboard was new for me this time around, but whatever. Maybe some improvement to FPS, not really sure. I had to do a reboot after launching the game the first time around because I got 7-20 FPS for some reason. Booted up again and had the usual 60-90 FPS 1440p, but with seemingly somewhat smoother frame times than I remember months ago. Again, it's hard to tell. Other than that it's the exact same experience as before for me with 2042. I've lost hope in DICE being able to turn this game around. They seem utterly undermanned to be able to fix even the smallest things without taking months. I really want a refund.

  9. you know what would be awesome for the specialist, i know its too late already:

    first they bring the old version for classes and in order for you to choose the sepcialist you need to earn point exactly like BF5 where an entire squad of 4 can collect these points and the squad leader get to choose if you want a specialist or airtstrike ….etc

    and thats it you get ur class system and the specialist as a reward for earning more xp in the game for the entire squad ( and the squad cant choose the same specialist )

    its like battlefront but squad based

  10. I been follow bf since 1942. I think bf3, bf4, bad company 2 and bf1 the only bf is the last game dice make very good. After bf5 and 2042.. i think seem fail for me. I think better back from bf1. Still enjoy

  11. Sadly, and stupidly, I bought BF2042. After this, I will never buy another EA nor DICE game in the future.

  12. Remember when everyone was excited to get 2042, Halo and COD in one year lmaooo and they all ended up being ass. Gaming is in the abyss

  13. Specialists should have been different ways to play a class. Like Sundance & McKay could have easily been assault classes basically being the “light assaults ” due to high mobility,but then have a more defensive assault specialist with that can with idk decoys (just spitballin)

  14. They hire play testers, who's job is to give honest feedback, and yet they chose to ignore them?
    Then why the hell did they even hire them in the first place? Why did it have to take the whole Battlefield community to yell at DICE to make them realize this was the wrong approach?

  15. Would have made more sense if they had the classic class system but now each class could choose to specialize in a skill, talent, etc. Basically add-on to the classes. Replacing with classes was just lazy and trying to copycat cod. The arrogance in the new generation of developers is astounding. It's like they made the game for themselves as a piece to put in their portfolio to show future prospects their work. Also how many of the "legacy" battlefield developers worked on this game? From what I read, lots of them left for greener pastures.

  16. AA rockets that don't fly off into the stratosphere randomly, recoilless rifles with a muzzle velocity higher than a potato gun, and a Bolte that doesn't act like moon gravity is on would be nice too.

  17. I need classes back , not specialists. If I wanna play Fortnite I'll play fucking Fortnite.. I come to battlefield to get as far away from games like Fortnite and now I can't .. I feel like I'm in a fucking web… How much more betrayal can I take???

  18. I miss the days when Bad Company 2 was released and I could play as a bush wookie. Port Valdez was my fav map!

  19. Since the patch came out my console has locked up for time I had to manually shut my system down and reboot backup and safe mode I am just about done with it

  20. I feel as though I want this game to success in one way or another… but that’s probably just me talking after paying $120 and playing once a week for the challenge reward. I hope something good comes out of all this. 🤡

  21. Talking about PC they need to fix up the Console version of the game there’s no excuse for how wonky the game plays on PS5 and Series XS

  22. I just want classes, specialists, vehicles, maps, cover, spawns, vehicle areas, infantry areas, server tick rate, fun of weeklies, battle passes , number of maps, and number of weapons fixed

  23. @3:12 Of course you don’t find the patch exciting, it isn’t . The patch notes end w “live service” in a sentence. You are 100% correct, this should’ve been a “ DAY 1 minus 2 weeks “ patch.

  24. Perform a finishing move on 2042 … you can’t … it’s bugged … swipe your knife at it 3 times

  25. this game is just bad the maps are the worst and getting rid of the classes they got my money and made it to rank 11 and just cant stand it anymore

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